Prep Picks of the Week!

Good morning and Happy Friday. Today is the best day ever. I have finished all my final test and all my schoolwork, except for computer coding, but other than that I am D.O.N.E. Today though marks my last day of 8th grade, I can't believe it, next year I'll be a freshman at Garner High School, the school my mom went to, my cousins, and a lot of other people close to me. It also marks the day my summer starts. I only have to come a couple days next week because I volunteered to help my teachers take down their classrooms. But it's official, I'm no longer an eighth grader and I'm out for summer. Which means... drumroll please.... I CAN GIVE ALL MY TIME TO YOU GUYS AND THIS BLOG! Yes that's right, I can spend more time improving and updating and spending time with you guys! Isn't that good news, if it's not than I don't know what is, actually I do keep on reading!

1// Preppy Stickers: So I got these amazing FREE stickers from Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, Southern Tide, Patagonia, Jadelynn Brooke, Vineyard Prep, Southern Anchor, and Southern Marsh. They are super adorable and fun... I just have to figure out where to put them! Comment Ideas below please! Deal: I'll do a post giving you links, and links for other preppy stickers too, if you comment!
SOPRO Stickers

Deerly Happy Stickers

Vineyard Vines Whale Sticker
2// Graduation Gifts: So since I'm "Graduating" from 8th grade, friends and family have been spoiling my with presents. My mom got me tons of new Simply Southern Tee-Shirts, a new charger, tons of jewelry, a personalized ring, and took me out to eat. My friend got me some Jack Rogers and some more sandals, a close member from church is taking me to Carowinds... It's just so much... I was thinking on doing a post for Graduation Gifts, Comment if you think so!

3// Blog Collaborations: So I have been looking around and I got us two huge Blog Collabs coming your way. I want it to be a surprise so I won't tell you! ☺️ So keep guessing! 

4// Weheartit & Pinterest Crave: I have lately been addicted to We heart it and Pinterest. They both are like perfect for finding pictures and ideas. And since I'm getting into my creative side, Pinterest is my go to! Follow me, link in contact area!

5// You Guys: You guys are on my list of priorities, and I'm working to do anything to be your next go to blog. I would really like to interact more with my readers, so please check out the sister blog, write me, tell others, and COMMENT! Also comment below any improvements you think would work!

That's it, what's your prep picks¿?


Sister Blog!

So I created a sister blog for this account. You can ask me anything, it's easier for me to post inspiration and it's fun! Plus lots and lots of preppy picks!

So go check it out, ask me a question, repost, and keep it preppy!



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 Here's a little update to all my viewers.

~ New blog collaboration coming soon.
~ Now on bloglovin' link above!
~ More Post's coming of course
~ New Ideas
~ and SUMMER!

Love you all and more to come!



Steal Taylor Swift's Style

When I think off style, I would say I'm pretty much everywhere, from California Hipster to Southern Prep to Street Blog to I'm Comfortable. I love everything and I'm not picky, unless I'm wearing it of course, but with the household I live in and the way I'm brought up, crop tops, no unless a resonable length, short short shorts... no, dress that stop mid-thigh... no unless their a shift, yeah the list pretty much goes on and on. Some of which I'm pretty much okay with since I'm not huge on showing my body.

So I stuck with Preppy, Classy, and Chic. That simple, no bold colors unless it's Lilly of course, or not your whole outfit neon pink... yuck! So a celebrity style I admire the most would have to be Taylor Swift... here style isn't crazy, something my mother would slice my head off for wearing, it's just simple, classy , and chic, just like me! *Dr.Suess moment, sorry*

So here's some TayTay Swift Looks.
Top Favorite Taylor Look:
This super classy and preppy look is a spring must. Pastel with a splash of yellow... words cannot explain how much I love this look.
Get the lookDress + Shoes + Bag + Headband

Get the look: Shirt + Shorts + Bag +  Shoes

Get the look: Shirt + Shorts + Shoes

Get the look: Shorts + Shirt + Shoes
Get the look: Skirt + Shirt + Bag + Shoes
Get the look: Dress + Bag + Shoes + Headband + Glasses

There's something on how to get Taylor's Look, and my favorite looks, and to top it off add red lipstick! Who else love's Taylor's style?

Comment your favorite Taylor looks or somebody else's style you adore!

Happy Memorial Weekend! Be Safe! Have a preppy weekend!

Prep Picks of the Week

Highlight Of the Week:  Kate Spade Surprise Sale!
So Kate Spade had an surprise sale, and honestly I didn't even know about, and it was the first surprise sale I ever heard and looked through. It was super amazing and so many cute things! I truly loved it and 75% off + free shipping... yeah pretty best sale I've ever participated in! So below are some of my favorites from the sale:
The Montford Park Smooth Ashton bag is super cute and chic, coming in a fun color is great for traveling or just a day out.
Pond Lacey wristlet, you can never go wrong on a Kate Spade wristlet.

The Estate Garden Necklace is great for any special occasion or just an casual outfit.

1// The amazing birth of the triplets in Texas are amazing, for they were expected to not be born, but they came and two were conjoined and sent to a different hospital for surgery but are still expected to live.

2// There's this amazing little snow cone place by my house, it's called Hills of Snow and it's like a miniature Pelican's for people of the town of Smithfield, NC. It's fun and super cheap and sweet, and it's nothing but friendliness as us good ol' southerns sit around and enjoy snow cones in the heart of Smithfield. If your ever in Smithfield, stop by and get a snow cone and enjoy the friendly people of Smithfield!

3//  Lilly Pulitzer's Splash into summer gift sale 2015 is here! From May 22- 25, You get gifts with your purchases: 
  • Starfish Bangle with any purchase
  •  Foldable Sunglass Case with any $200 purchase + starfish bangle 
  • 2 towels with any $600 purchase + Starfish Bangle + Sunglass Case
  • Kadema Set with any $800 purchase + Starfish Bangle + Sunglasses Case + 2 towels
  • A Roller Cooler with any $1600 purchase + Starfish Bangle + Sunglasses Case + 2 towels + Kadema Set.
Hurry and get your gifts and sale on now before the sale ends!

4//  J. Crew summer looks we love have me in complete aw! The looks are super cute and of course super original and simple. They have 8 looks I think, but my favorite would have to be #3

This lace salmon/coral dress is a must for the summer! Along with the sunglasses, it's something you can wear with anything and anywhere!

5//  Something else that's had me on edge, I was sitting in the dentist office on Tuesday, and I was reading an TIME magazine and the cover story was Starbucks For America. Basically in the article, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, how he was planning on changing America. He was planning on cracking down racism, the way police treats certain environments, and bringing up the rate of youth employment. But something else caught my attention, he just might be running for president, think about Starbucks running America, that's like every girl's dream! But I kind of think it's a good idea not only for the coffee but for our economy, reading the article just might make you feel the same, so go check it out for yourself... Starbucks for America Article

Thanks my Prep Picks, what are yours?

*Don't forget to tell me what you thought on the Marley Lilly + Monday Dress Crave post!


Marley Lilly + Monday Dress Crave

So Summer is right around the corner and honestly I can't wait for the fun Monograms and cute shorts and shift dresses. It's honestly my next favorite season other than Autumn. So if you need something cute for a reasonable price that's super chic and preppy, go check out Marley Lilly and Monday Dress, cutest stuff. So below are some of my favorites:
The Luxe Clutch:
I love love love clutches, it's my favorite accessories along with crossbody bags, and honestly I think that's why I love this Monogrammed Luxe Crossbody Clutch so much because it's like two in one.
This is what it's like in crossbody form, they come and different colors and you can customize it to come with a different monogram font. My favorite font when it comes to the purse is octagonal. This is also my favorite shade, since it pretty much goes with everything.
The inside shows you how it can transform from an crossbody to a clutch. You just simply tuck the chain inside and when you feel like taking it out, you just simply pull it out.
This bag is an absolute must for not only summer, but for any season or occasion, for if you are going to a charity ball or a formal dinner or gathering, clutch it, it's pretty, simple, chic, preppy, and monogrammed! Or on a trip to the mall or just hanging with friends... perfect. You can style it with pretty much anything to, like in the picture above, or with a Lilly Pulitzer Shift Dress. It's also pretty lightweight and, again, adorable and preppy!

The Finer Things Seersucker Dress:
Another favorite is their The Finer Things Mint Seersucker Bow Dress
It's super cute and springy, they have another one just like this in pink, but I love the soft mint look it gives off, along with the Seersucker! It goes perfect with mint. Stopping just above the knee, it's flowy bottom is great for a nice spring or summer day with a light breeze. 
It gives off a very preppy look, with it's soft, basic look and the bow in the back. This dress would be perfect to wear on the beach, bridal shower, wedding, brunch on the beach, or any day that has a light breeze. I personally think it's perfect for your next trip to the beach or a place like Charleston, SC, just style it with Jack Rogers Wedges, pearls, a wrislet, and a backup cardigan, and it's a perfect simple outfit!

Let Your Love Flow Skirt:
Another crave is the Let Your Love Flow Pink Bow Tie Skirt
This skirt is super adorable and perfect to wear pretty much anywhere. It kind of reminds me of Blair Waldorf skirt that she wore to school, and just a different color.

It is perfect length, and a great choice for people with long and short legs! But I would recommend you wear spandex under it if you decide to add heels or wedges to it! But other than that it's perfect!

The way the skirt is styled above is perfect. Something simple and preppy to wear to school, church, a group function, or anywhere else. A statement necklace would go perfectly with it to!

These are my Marley Lilly + Monday Dress Craves.
What are yours?
Comment Below and check out their website:

Explore and see if you find some "Craves". Comment and tell me what you think, and more great things will come!


How to Prepare for Finals and Study Hacks

So it's almost the end of the year, everyone's excited, planning summer vacations, bucketlists, etc. But then you realize,  I still have to take my exams. Then you totally freak. It's only a few weeks. But Enfiniti to the rescue.... no need to panic here's some things that'll help.
Before the Exam

~ Study!
Studying is the number one key unless your one of those people who can look at the board and memorize something... STUDY. Even if you are that person, still just please study. For some studying may feel overwhelming and I know the feeling... So break it up into parts. Get a planner and break it down:
Monday~ History
Tuesday~ Trig
Wednesday~ AP Economics
Thursday~ AP English
Friday~ Biology
And so on. Please don't wait to study last minute, it's the most common mistake for teens.

Have a neat study area, that way it won't be so overwhelming to study... It'll be easier to move around, and it be easier to study since it's an organized area. It your area you should have a container to hold your pens and pencils and another for highlighters, markers, and correctional pens. Your sticky notes in a sticky note holder/container. Your planner of course, Kate Spade or Lilly Pulitzer,  unfortunately Lilly Pulitzer is out of stock, but Kate Spade is still in, and it's still preppy and cute! Have a binder with dividers for each subject and LOTS of papers, and don't forget your NOTES!
Flashcards, as kiddie as it sounds, are actually pretty helpful. I use them most for all of my subjects, especially for Science and History. Flashcards are also great for those last minute study people out there. But for you who are wondering, still why use flashcards, they get lost anyway? While that may be true here are some other reasons they're helpful:
1. Review
~By writing flashcards, you review things you need to know

2. They can be used anywhere
~ Such as standing in line, at lunch, walking, on a boat, etc.

3. Last Minute Solver
~ Good to use as a quick reminder right before a test, when you don't have time to look through your notebook. If your anything like me, flash cards are awesome, if I look at something or review right before, then I'm good, but I still like to study to be on the safe side.

Review your notes, highlight and study the IMPORTANT stuff. Why go over something that wouldn't matter on the test for hours when you can be studying the stuff that's important or that you don't know. Like you might know the Pythagorean Theorem, something you know, then you get to the test and starts asking about Parabola, something you suck at but didn't study.

Music. Yes it's okay to listen to music, without music I wouldn't get anything done. Not this blog post, my grades would give you the impression that I'm a delinquent, etc. Music motivates me to get stuff done, it keeps me going so I do it.
Eat a Balanced Breakfast.
Eat something healthy and light, nothing heavy because you'll get full and when your full, you get sleepy. Eat something enough to give you energy. Fruit is a great choice, it's tasty, delightful, simple, and something to get your blood pumping and you fully awake.

Get lots and lots of sleep. So that your body is energized, you don't want to look like crap at exams nor do you want to fall asleep and lose time for you to finish your test. So don't stay up til 2 in the morning studying, on the phone, or hanging out. Trust me there will be time for all of that but right now NO.
***Little advice: Just because your peers MIGHT not be serious about this doesn't mean you don't have to either, for some this determines if you graduate and go to college, others if you just get promoted to the next level. So take it serious, you don't want to be in the same grade or classes do you? Nor do you want to be a senior again or taking remediation in college, not saying it's bad, if you need help then get it, please do, but if you don't why even take that chance?
So, again get your sleep and let your brain rest for it will soon be going to work for a couple hours.
During The Exam
Don't Stress!
Don't stress it, do your test with confidence, study with confidence, do everything with confidence, for if you stress or second guess yourself or worry, the outcome won't be as pretty as that Lilly dress you own. Plus stress is never good for you, it cause high blood pressure and cholesterol, anxiety, hyperventilation, and depression. So yeah don't stress the test. Give that test your all and walk out that room like you just won National's. 
Dress Comfortable.
Throw on some sweatpants, your favorite college sweatshirt, some Nike's, and take your test. Something comfortable, so don't throw on the dress you wore to the charity gala, for God's sake your taking a test not meeting the world's top socialites. Plus when you dressed comfortable, you fill comfortable, so I don't know about you but I don't to sit for hours in a Tory Burch dress and stilettos or Jack Rogers Wedges and a Lilly dress, I want to sit in a sweatshirt, some leggings, yoga pants, or something of that nature, so my feet aren't killing me and my legs aren't freezing. Be comfortable and stylish at the same time though so you don't look like you just woke up and left, unless your Beyonce.

What to take into exams.
You should take in with you:
#2 pencils or mechanical pencils
A water bottle (Camelbak peferably)
A gronola bar or Special K snack
a Vera Bradley or Lilly Pulitzer wristlet.
An extra jacket.
After Exams
Now you can go out and have fun and party. Hang out with friends, have a movie night, etc. You deserve it you just did hours of testing, and did it with pride now celebrate. And when you get those results back... celebrate even more, have a gathering or nice bonfire with friends, y'all totally earned it.

So that's to it, hope's this helps. Some links that go along and might be useful:


Prep Picks of the Week

So this post is inspired by College Prepster,  but instead of on my radar, I'm doing Prep Picks of the Week:

~ Jack Roger Look a Likes
The affordable Jacks are here, finally, for only 20 dollars, made by Palms and Hotcakes. They can also be customized with your favorite Lilly print.  I'm absolutely obsessed with these sandals, no more months of saving for me.

~ Lilly For Target
I know this happened last month, but I just can't get over this bathing suit and shorts. They're so cute and the colors I can't even.

~ Yoga
I've recently been doing yoga, along with a ballet workout, it's getting me ready for summer, along with sports, and a very peaceful way, instead of feeling like I'm in boot camp!

~ Pinterest
I lately have been addicted to this app. It has so many great ideas. It's my go to app for everything!  Follow me remiii13

~ Summer! 
I can't wait for no school, hanging with friends, diy project, traveling, and preparing for high school!

That's my prep picks, what about you?


Jack Rogers for less

So it's that time of year again where every girl is on instagram and twitter going #lovemyJacks and your just sitting there like #lovemyflipflops and your like I want some Jacks but they're way out of your price range, we I can help you fix that issue.

So as someone whose not even a freshman in high school yet, knows the struggle for money, especially when you're not the only child.  We all know that Jack Rogers are super duper cute, but let's face the fact, it's way out of your price range,  especially if your in college or high school. But here are some really good remedies. ..

Hotcakes and Palms~ These look a like Jack Rogers, are so close to the real thing. The look just like Jacks, just missing a couple features and they are really more comfortable than the real deal. They're between 20-30 dollars and they're in places like Shoe Show and playless. Also you can get them customized with your favorite Lilly print.

I remember we were in Dillard's and I asked my mom for a pair, and when she saw the price, she nearly freaked. Then she said "I'll take you to Shoe Show", at first I wanted to die then I saw them and saw a few other girls wearing them and said no one will ever know the difference.

So go ahead and buy you some Plams or Hotcakes darling.

Til next time,


The College Prepster

Looking for a new blog that'll catch your attention and something worth reading. Well check out Carly aka The College Prepster. She has everything from preppy fashion to giveaways. She's how I found out about Lilly for Target, plus the places she go are amazing and her photography is awesome. And her closet... That's another story... So I was able to get an interview with her and here it is:

North Carolina Prepster: When did you start blogging and why? 

The College Prepster: I started blogging as a freshman at Georgetown University because I needed a creative outlet. Blogging was a great distraction and break from my classes.

NCP: What would you consider your style? 

TCP: Classic, comfortable, chic What are your top 5 favorite things in your closet? Barbour coat, Kate Spade scalloped dress, skinny jeans, Saint James striped shirt, and my favorite Lilly dress. 

NCP: What's your all time favorite brand? 
Carly (TCP) in her oh-so-amazing Kate
Spade Scallop Dress.

TCP: Right now, I've been having great luck with finding things I love at Kate Spade. 

NCP:  How do you maintain a successful blog? 

I blog frequently and consistently and try to maintain a conversational feel with my readers. 

NCP: Who or what inspires you? 

TCP: I'm inspired by passion! If someone is really passionate about what they do, I find it extremely contagious and inspiring. 

NCP: What's your aspiration in life? 

TCP: I hope to always love what I'm doing and to be surrounded with people whom I love and love me back! 
NCP: What advice would you give to a low income person trying to find preppy for less?

TCP: Figure out what styles you like and look for that in other stores. Old Navy has been really doing a great job lately. Ebay and thrift stores are fun places to search as well– you never know what gems you'll find.

NCP: What are some things you couldn't live without?

TCP: Books and coffee. I could probably live without the coffee actually, but I definitely wouldn't want to! 

NCP: What songs would be on your ultimate playlist?

TCP: Anything fun and upbeat! 

NCP: What's some advice you have for high school students? 

TCP: Study and work hard, but also have fun. Take the classes you want to take, join the clubs you want to join. Don't just do something because it will "look good on your resume." 

NCP: Any tips for new bloggers? 

TCP:  Be unique and post consistently! 

NCP: What do you do to stay fit? 

TCP:  I've been really into yoga lately and I walk a ton!

Check her out: www.thecollegeprepster.com
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