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Friday, May 08, 2015

So it's that time of year again where every girl is on instagram and twitter going #lovemyJacks and your just sitting there like #lovemyflipflops and your like I want some Jacks but they're way out of your price range, we I can help you fix that issue.

So as someone whose not even a freshman in high school yet, knows the struggle for money, especially when you're not the only child.  We all know that Jack Rogers are super duper cute, but let's face the fact, it's way out of your price range,  especially if your in college or high school. But here are some really good remedies. ..

Hotcakes and Palms~ These look a like Jack Rogers, are so close to the real thing. The look just like Jacks, just missing a couple features and they are really more comfortable than the real deal. They're between 20-30 dollars and they're in places like Shoe Show and playless. Also you can get them customized with your favorite Lilly print.

I remember we were in Dillard's and I asked my mom for a pair, and when she saw the price, she nearly freaked. Then she said "I'll take you to Shoe Show", at first I wanted to die then I saw them and saw a few other girls wearing them and said no one will ever know the difference.

So go ahead and buy you some Plams or Hotcakes darling.

Til next time,

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