Marley Lilly + Monday Dress Crave

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So Summer is right around the corner and honestly I can't wait for the fun Monograms and cute shorts and shift dresses. It's honestly my next favorite season other than Autumn. So if you need something cute for a reasonable price that's super chic and preppy, go check out Marley Lilly and Monday Dress, cutest stuff. So below are some of my favorites:
The Luxe Clutch:
I love love love clutches, it's my favorite accessories along with crossbody bags, and honestly I think that's why I love this Monogrammed Luxe Crossbody Clutch so much because it's like two in one.

This is what it's like in crossbody form, they come and different colors and you can customize it to come with a different monogram font. My favorite font when it comes to the purse is octagonal. This is also my favorite shade, since it pretty much goes with everything.
The inside shows you how it can transform from an crossbody to a clutch. You just simply tuck the chain inside and when you feel like taking it out, you just simply pull it out.
This bag is an absolute must for not only summer, but for any season or occasion, for if you are going to a charity ball or a formal dinner or gathering, clutch it, it's pretty, simple, chic, preppy, and monogrammed! Or on a trip to the mall or just hanging with friends... perfect. You can style it with pretty much anything to, like in the picture above, or with a Lilly Pulitzer Shift Dress. It's also pretty lightweight and, again, adorable and preppy!

The Finer Things Seersucker Dress:
Another favorite is their The Finer Things Mint Seersucker Bow Dress
It's super cute and springy, they have another one just like this in pink, but I love the soft mint look it gives off, along with the Seersucker! It goes perfect with mint. Stopping just above the knee, it's flowy bottom is great for a nice spring or summer day with a light breeze. 
It gives off a very preppy look, with it's soft, basic look and the bow in the back. This dress would be perfect to wear on the beach, bridal shower, wedding, brunch on the beach, or any day that has a light breeze. I personally think it's perfect for your next trip to the beach or a place like Charleston, SC, just style it with Jack Rogers Wedges, pearls, a wrislet, and a backup cardigan, and it's a perfect simple outfit!

Let Your Love Flow Skirt:
Another crave is the Let Your Love Flow Pink Bow Tie Skirt
This skirt is super adorable and perfect to wear pretty much anywhere. It kind of reminds me of Blair Waldorf skirt that she wore to school, and just a different color.

It is perfect length, and a great choice for people with long and short legs! But I would recommend you wear spandex under it if you decide to add heels or wedges to it! But other than that it's perfect!

The way the skirt is styled above is perfect. Something simple and preppy to wear to school, church, a group function, or anywhere else. A statement necklace would go perfectly with it to!

These are my Marley Lilly + Monday Dress Craves.
What are yours?
Comment Below and check out their website:

Explore and see if you find some "Craves". Comment and tell me what you think, and more great things will come!

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