Prep Picks of the Week

Sunday, May 10, 2015

So this post is inspired by College Prepster,  but instead of on my radar, I'm doing Prep Picks of the Week:

~ Jack Roger Look a Likes

The affordable Jacks are here, finally, for only 20 dollars, made by Palms and Hotcakes. They can also be customized with your favorite Lilly print.  I'm absolutely obsessed with these sandals, no more months of saving for me.

~ Lilly For Target
I know this happened last month, but I just can't get over this bathing suit and shorts. They're so cute and the colors I can't even.

~ Yoga
I've recently been doing yoga, along with a ballet workout, it's getting me ready for summer, along with sports, and a very peaceful way, instead of feeling like I'm in boot camp!

~ Pinterest
I lately have been addicted to this app. It has so many great ideas. It's my go to app for everything!  Follow me remiii13

~ Summer! 
I can't wait for no school, hanging with friends, diy project, traveling, and preparing for high school!

That's my prep picks, what about you?

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