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Friday, May 22, 2015

Highlight Of the Week:  Kate Spade Surprise Sale!
So Kate Spade had an surprise sale, and honestly I didn't even know about, and it was the first surprise sale I ever heard and looked through. It was super amazing and so many cute things! I truly loved it and 75% off + free shipping... yeah pretty best sale I've ever participated in! So below are some of my favorites from the sale:

The Montford Park Smooth Ashton bag is super cute and chic, coming in a fun color is great for traveling or just a day out.
Pond Lacey wristlet, you can never go wrong on a Kate Spade wristlet.

The Estate Garden Necklace is great for any special occasion or just an casual outfit.

1// The amazing birth of the triplets in Texas are amazing, for they were expected to not be born, but they came and two were conjoined and sent to a different hospital for surgery but are still expected to live.

2// There's this amazing little snow cone place by my house, it's called Hills of Snow and it's like a miniature Pelican's for people of the town of Smithfield, NC. It's fun and super cheap and sweet, and it's nothing but friendliness as us good ol' southerns sit around and enjoy snow cones in the heart of Smithfield. If your ever in Smithfield, stop by and get a snow cone and enjoy the friendly people of Smithfield!

3//  Lilly Pulitzer's Splash into summer gift sale 2015 is here! From May 22- 25, You get gifts with your purchases: 
  • Starfish Bangle with any purchase
  •  Foldable Sunglass Case with any $200 purchase + starfish bangle 
  • 2 towels with any $600 purchase + Starfish Bangle + Sunglass Case
  • Kadema Set with any $800 purchase + Starfish Bangle + Sunglasses Case + 2 towels
  • A Roller Cooler with any $1600 purchase + Starfish Bangle + Sunglasses Case + 2 towels + Kadema Set.
Hurry and get your gifts and sale on now before the sale ends!

4//  J. Crew summer looks we love have me in complete aw! The looks are super cute and of course super original and simple. They have 8 looks I think, but my favorite would have to be #3

This lace salmon/coral dress is a must for the summer! Along with the sunglasses, it's something you can wear with anything and anywhere!

5//  Something else that's had me on edge, I was sitting in the dentist office on Tuesday, and I was reading an TIME magazine and the cover story was Starbucks For America. Basically in the article, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, how he was planning on changing America. He was planning on cracking down racism, the way police treats certain environments, and bringing up the rate of youth employment. But something else caught my attention, he just might be running for president, think about Starbucks running America, that's like every girl's dream! But I kind of think it's a good idea not only for the coffee but for our economy, reading the article just might make you feel the same, so go check it out for yourself... Starbucks for America Article

Thanks my Prep Picks, what are yours?

*Don't forget to tell me what you thought on the Marley Lilly + Monday Dress Crave post!

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