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Friday, May 29, 2015

Good morning and Happy Friday. Today is the best day ever. I have finished all my final test and all my schoolwork, except for computer coding, but other than that I am D.O.N.E. Today though marks my last day of 8th grade, I can't believe it, next year I'll be a freshman at Garner High School, the school my mom went to, my cousins, and a lot of other people close to me. It also marks the day my summer starts. I only have to come a couple days next week because I volunteered to help my teachers take down their classrooms. But it's official, I'm no longer an eighth grader and I'm out for summer. Which means... drumroll please.... I CAN GIVE ALL MY TIME TO YOU GUYS AND THIS BLOG! Yes that's right, I can spend more time improving and updating and spending time with you guys! Isn't that good news, if it's not than I don't know what is, actually I do keep on reading!

1// Preppy Stickers: So I got these amazing FREE stickers from Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, Southern Tide, Patagonia, Jadelynn Brooke, Vineyard Prep, Southern Anchor, and Southern Marsh. They are super adorable and fun... I just have to figure out where to put them! Comment Ideas below please! Deal: I'll do a post giving you links, and links for other preppy stickers too, if you comment!
SOPRO Stickers

Deerly Happy Stickers

Vineyard Vines Whale Sticker
2// Graduation Gifts: So since I'm "Graduating" from 8th grade, friends and family have been spoiling my with presents. My mom got me tons of new Simply Southern Tee-Shirts, a new charger, tons of jewelry, a personalized ring, and took me out to eat. My friend got me some Jack Rogers and some more sandals, a close member from church is taking me to Carowinds... It's just so much... I was thinking on doing a post for Graduation Gifts, Comment if you think so!

3// Blog Collaborations: So I have been looking around and I got us two huge Blog Collabs coming your way. I want it to be a surprise so I won't tell you! ☺️ So keep guessing! 

4// Weheartit & Pinterest Crave: I have lately been addicted to We heart it and Pinterest. They both are like perfect for finding pictures and ideas. And since I'm getting into my creative side, Pinterest is my go to! Follow me, link in contact area!

5// You Guys: You guys are on my list of priorities, and I'm working to do anything to be your next go to blog. I would really like to interact more with my readers, so please check out the sister blog, write me, tell others, and COMMENT! Also comment below any improvements you think would work!

That's it, what's your prep picks¿?

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