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Friday, May 22, 2015

When I think off style, I would say I'm pretty much everywhere, from California Hipster to Southern Prep to Street Blog to I'm Comfortable. I love everything and I'm not picky, unless I'm wearing it of course, but with the household I live in and the way I'm brought up, crop tops, no unless a resonable length, short short shorts... no, dress that stop mid-thigh... no unless their a shift, yeah the list pretty much goes on and on. Some of which I'm pretty much okay with since I'm not huge on showing my body.

So I stuck with Preppy, Classy, and Chic. That simple, no bold colors unless it's Lilly of course, or not your whole outfit neon pink... yuck! So a celebrity style I admire the most would have to be Taylor Swift... here style isn't crazy, something my mother would slice my head off for wearing, it's just simple, classy , and chic, just like me! *Dr.Suess moment, sorry*

So here's some TayTay Swift Looks.
Top Favorite Taylor Look:

This super classy and preppy look is a spring must. Pastel with a splash of yellow... words cannot explain how much I love this look.
Get the lookDress + Shoes + Bag + Headband

Get the look: Shirt + Shorts + Bag +  Shoes

Get the look: Shirt + Shorts + Shoes

Get the look: Shorts + Shirt + Shoes
Get the look: Skirt + Shirt + Bag + Shoes
Get the look: Dress + Bag + Shoes + Headband + Glasses

There's something on how to get Taylor's Look, and my favorite looks, and to top it off add red lipstick! Who else love's Taylor's style?

Comment your favorite Taylor looks or somebody else's style you adore!

Happy Memorial Weekend! Be Safe! Have a preppy weekend!

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