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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Looking for a new blog that'll catch your attention and something worth reading. Well check out Carly aka The College Prepster. She has everything from preppy fashion to giveaways. She's how I found out about Lilly for Target, plus the places she go are amazing and her photography is awesome. And her closet... That's another story... So I was able to get an interview with her and here it is:

North Carolina Prepster: When did you start blogging and why? 

The College Prepster: I started blogging as a freshman at Georgetown University because I needed a creative outlet. Blogging was a great distraction and break from my classes.

NCP: What would you consider your style? 

TCP: Classic, comfortable, chic What are your top 5 favorite things in your closet? Barbour coat, Kate Spade scalloped dress, skinny jeans, Saint James striped shirt, and my favorite Lilly dress. 

NCP: What's your all time favorite brand? 

Carly (TCP) in her oh-so-amazing Kate
Spade Scallop Dress.

TCP: Right now, I've been having great luck with finding things I love at Kate Spade. 

NCP:  How do you maintain a successful blog? 

I blog frequently and consistently and try to maintain a conversational feel with my readers. 

NCP: Who or what inspires you? 

TCP: I'm inspired by passion! If someone is really passionate about what they do, I find it extremely contagious and inspiring. 

NCP: What's your aspiration in life? 

TCP: I hope to always love what I'm doing and to be surrounded with people whom I love and love me back! 
NCP: What advice would you give to a low income person trying to find preppy for less?

TCP: Figure out what styles you like and look for that in other stores. Old Navy has been really doing a great job lately. Ebay and thrift stores are fun places to search as well– you never know what gems you'll find.

NCP: What are some things you couldn't live without?

TCP: Books and coffee. I could probably live without the coffee actually, but I definitely wouldn't want to! 

NCP: What songs would be on your ultimate playlist?

TCP: Anything fun and upbeat! 

NCP: What's some advice you have for high school students? 

TCP: Study and work hard, but also have fun. Take the classes you want to take, join the clubs you want to join. Don't just do something because it will "look good on your resume." 

NCP: Any tips for new bloggers? 

TCP:  Be unique and post consistently! 

NCP: What do you do to stay fit? 

TCP:  I've been really into yoga lately and I walk a ton!

Check her out:

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