Photography Friday

So a couple post ago, I told y'all how I wanted to get more into photography. So today I had nothing to do and my Mema has this amazing yard, that is great for photography, so with that,  I got my uncle and I said, " Hey your going to take some pictures for me." And it also helped him because he's autistic and taking picture was really fun, and I showed him how to work the camera and all. So it was a fun "mini photoshoot",

I took a few by myself and others he took of me. But I was really proud of myself and thought that I'd just share my outcome with y'all. I did learn a few things while taking the photographs.

1. It's not like taking a SELFIE!
2. You have to let the camera focus.
3. Be creative and open minded.

So below are the pictures I took.

Photo Credits to my Uncle!

So here are the pictures I took myself, which is mostly nature.
I really love this picture because it gives a fall mixed with summer feel, and those a my favorite seasons.

I took some rest in the shade! It was really hot, and the sun was blazing.

So it was really sunny and hot and then this happened.

I thought the scenery was beautiful and amazing so I had to of course. I've gotten  a stronger desire for photography so expect to see more post like this. 

For more of my photography:

Snapchat: cheerdoee

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Also I'm going on a family vacation, so won't be posting this weekend!
See you Monday or Tuesday!


Your Guide to: Flawless Summer Skin

So seasons changed again and your skin is to. Whenever the weather changes, your skin starts you get dry, really oily or peel. Well I have a way to help you fix this seasonal problem. Below are some tips on how to take care of your skin during the harsh summer heat!

Taking Care of Your Skin:
  • Cleanse regularly, typically twice a day
  • Apply a toner after cleansing if you have oily skin
  • Apply moisturizier if you have dry skin
  • Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and brighten your complexion
*** Doing these things above will help with skin peeling and with oil and sweat mixing causing acne***
Know Your Skin Type:
*** Knowing your skin type is important so you know what to do to your skin***
  • Dry Skin- flaky and easily irritated, very sensitive.
  • Oily Skin- Most feel oil by late afternoon, but if you feel oil by mid day, you have oily skin
  • Combination Skin- if the description of dry match your cheeks, and oily match your t-zone, you have combination skin.
  • Normal Skin- not to dry or to oily, has little or no imperfections, non-severe sensitivity, barley visible pores, and a great complexion.
Care Tips for Each Skin Type:
Dry Skin:
- Cleanse ( use gentle cleanser night and day)
- Moisturize 
- Shave in the shower or bath, while skin is very wet, if not you can strip the little oil you have.

Oily Skin:
- Cleanse ( wash with gentle cleanser morning and night)
- Use salicylic acid alcohol ( Neutrogena Oil- Free Acne Wash Cream is really good)
- Don't go crazy with sunblock and lotion
- Use less foundation

Combination Skin:
- Gentle Cleanser
- Use a toner
- Protect from sun damage
- Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells

Normal Skin:
- Cleanse day & night
- Exfoliate
- Moisturize

Other Useful Tips

Also take time to care for your skin day and night. Develop Morning and Night Routines for caring for your skin. There's lots of awesome youtube videos to help.

And if your still unsure talk to your dermatologist about the products you use, and other ways that can help.

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Summer Essentials WishList

So Summers officially here for me, and probably most of you... So I decided to do an Summer Essentials WishList: there's so many things I want for this summer but I only choose a few.
So above is my list, and here's what's on my list:

1// Jack Rogers Georgica & Palm Beach

2// Lilly Dresses

3// Southern T-shirts 

4// Baseball Caps

5// Workout Water Bottle

6// Running Shorts

7// Chinos

8// Monogram Swim Suit

9// Pearls

10// Sunglasses

11// Lilly Phone Case

12// Essie Nail Polish

13// Lush Bath Bomb

14// Charm Bracelet

15// Wristlet

16// Statement Necklace

So that's my Summer Essential List, what's yours¿?




Summer Bucketlist (Welcoming June)

Happy June everyone! It's officially summer. There's so many great things to come with June. Personally it's the most exciting month of the year, excluding December and January and August (birthday month)!

So on this post I'm going to do my summer bucketlist, and hopefully it'll help you come up with yours!
1) Eat Healthy! That's my number one priority, I will admit, I eat healthy, but not like I am supposed to, and that's honestly my biggest struggle. Right now I'm addicted to chicken tenders and french fries, that's all I get now when we go out to eat, when I should be getting a salad. Plus, since I'm getting more into sports and dance, it's great for my preformance and health. So that's n`umero uno!

2) Spend Multiple Long Days at the Beach. I absolutley love the beach. Not only is it a beautiful sceneic place, it's also calming and relaxing. It's place to think and just relax in general. It's a great place to spend free days or just any day! This year I want to try paddle boarding, but I'll have to learn to swim first of course!

3) Get a henna/flash tattoo. I've been wanting these forever and am finally getting one. I haven't gotten one because I was afraid that it'll go against my religion... yes, go ahead and laugh, but I thought that it would because the bible clearly says: "  Leviticus 19:28 "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks on you: I am the LORD"",  and I got pretty skeptical. So I'm finally going to get one.

3) Gain better photography skills. I lately have been really into photograpghy, whether it's a bird, a flower, a drink, the sky, I've just fallen in love with it. I think it's absolutely amazing and neat, and I just have this utter desire to get better in it.

4) Tumble on the Beach. That's something I've always found fasinating, espescially when I was younger, being able to flip, and doing it on the beach is so much more creative and thrilling to me, also at competitons! I'm currently working on my back handspring, so hopefully I'll have it by then!

5) Spend the Summer with my friend(s). A summer is not a summer without your friends around, you need someone to share that excitment with, no matter who you are, it's fun and something valuable called memories.

6) Attend a bonfire party. This is an all time summer dream for me. I have ALWAYS wanted to attend a bonfire. The idea of one just makes me happy. Just the thought of sitting around a fire with your friends, wrapped in blankets, laughing, it just sounds so exciting and fun. I don't know about y'all but I HAVE to go to one before summer starts.

7) Run. Honestly I suck at running, but I want to do Track & Field. So I'm going condition myself to run and if you are a runner or just athletic, comment please!

8) New workout gear. Since I'm going to be super active this summer and the school year coming up, I need a crazy load of workout gear. Right now NIKE and Simply Southern are my go to. I dreading some Krass & Co. shorts badly though!

9) Lush Cosmetic Bath Bomb. I have been dying to use one of these as see everybody else with one, but I didn't know they had one in North Carolina, when I found out that it was one at Crabtree, I immediately went looking. Finally an amazing bath with a lovely bomb!

10) Read More. I used to read like there ways no tomorrow, now it's like whatever. I've gotten better at reading lately, but not as much as I did. So I'm going to get back on track with that!

11) Road Trips! I love taking trips with family and friends. Wheter it's a hour or 12, but I just love riding in the car, cramped and snuggled with my friends, singing loudly and horribly with friends, laughing, taking pictures, and all the colorful bags. It's so fun, and the trunk full of colors... let's just say I can't wait.

12) Camping/ Star gazing. I've wanted to do this all my life, but my mom HATES outdoors, and so do my friends, so whether I have to camp in the yard, or lay on the hood of the car, I'm accomplishing this one, this year!

So that's my bucketlist I will probably have added more the end of June. But yeah.

But to welcome June: Things to do with friends:

  1. Water Ballon Fights
  2. Beach
  3. Pool
  4. Walk through Downtown
  5. Go to the Mall
  6. Amusement Parks
  7. Frankies or Dave & Busters
  8. Mall
  9. Lake Trips
  10. Ice Cream Dates!

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Southern Girl Prep Free Stickers!

Southern Girl Prep is giving away free stickers! What?! They're super cute and free ( shipping is free too). Go to their website or check out their Instagram @sgprep and enter. You have to tag 3 friends. Go order yours now, I just ordered mines! Note it will take 3-4 weeks tops for them to come through.



A Little Daily Dose of Charm (Interview)

Happy 18th Lauren!
So everyone needs a Daily Dose of Charm to keep them going right? Yeah I thought, so here's your little surprise and mystery solved, I have recently teamed up with wonderful Lauren Lindmark, owner and blogger of   Daily Dose Of Charm, who just recently had birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN, and just graduated high schools, WHOOP WHOOP, CONGRATS GRAD! So over from the midwest I give a little insight on Miss. Lauren Lindmark, with this amazing interview!

Enfiniti: How would you describe yourself or your personality?

Lauren: Most people wouldn't think it but I'm super shy, I can hold a conversation with anyone but the whole time I'm thinking "Okay Lauren, don't sound stupid just keep it going." Once you get to know me I'm more outgoing and I can talk for hours on end. I also have a super active imagination so I'm always dreaming up new ideas for my life and writing them done in my phone.
Enfiniti: When did you start blogging and why?

Lauren: I started blogging on tumblr my Sophomore year of high school and that's around the time I thought of creating Daily Dose of Charm and ended up buying the domain. However, it wasn't until last fall that I actually started blogging on it! I blog because it's my outlet, I can be having a bad day and think "hey! I'm going to go write!" and it will make me feel so much better.
Enfiniti: How do you maintain a successful blog?

Lauren: I try to be consistent when I blog, no one wants to follow a blog that never posts! I'm still new to the whole blogging thing so I'm still learning new tricks, but one of the most important things I've found is have fun with it!
Enfiniti: What are some tips you have for new bloggers?

Lauren: Like I said, I'm still pretty new to the whole blogging world- but I've found that being unique is key! Your blog should reflect yourself, you should blog what YOU want to blog about and not just what you think others will like.
Enfiniti: So I noticed that your graduating school, what's some advice you have for current high schoolers?

Lauren: Enjoy it because it goes so fast. High schoolers will hear that a million times and never listen but it's 100% true. Don't get caught up in petty drama, just have fun and make the most of all the dances, football games, and time spent being together as a class. On the other hand, remember this isn't the peak of your life. Don't worry if you don't feel cool or wanted or if you're already over high school because these are only four years of your life and you have so many more adventures ahead!
Enfiniti: What do you think is the best way to maintain a healthy relationship with someone?

Lauren: I've had an amazing boyfriend for over a year and I have a few close best friends that I have amazing relationships with! I think it's important to remember no one and no relationship is going to be perfect. It's okay to get in little arguments or not agree with everything the other person agrees with, at the end of the day you just have to remember that you love each other and that's all that matters.
Enfiniti: What's your aspiration in life?

Lauren: Definitely to be a mom, it's something that I tell people proudly. My mom was a stay at home mom and she is the most amazing woman in the world. I wouldn't be who I am without her! I've heard some people say "You want to be a mom? Do you not have any real aspirations in life?" But I just shake it off. It's an important, someone has to do it.
Enfiniti: Who inspires you?

Lauren: I try to surround myself with people that inspire me everyday. My mom inspires to care for other people, my dad inspires me to follow my dreams even if I'm afraid to fall, my sisters inspire me to stay close to the people I love, my boyfriend inspires me to work hard and go after what I want, and my best friends inspire me to have fun and be more care-free! I'm lucky to have the people in my life that I do!

Enfiniti: What is your favorite life quote?

Lauren: I'm obsessed with going on Pinterest and looking at quotes so it's tough to only choose one. I'm really bad at overthinking things, I worry way more than I should so I like this quote because it's a good reminder... "Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best."
Enfiniti: What would you consider your style?

Lauren: As much as I hate using the word I would say "preppy". I like to look classy, I own a lot of bright colors but I also own just as many nuetrals. I love dressing up however, a go to outfit of mine is an over-sized crewneck or t-shirts with Nike shorts.
Enfiniti: What's your top five favorite items in your closet?

Lauren: Oh gosh tis is hard to choose, I love all of my Lilly Pulitzer dresses because they're bright and fun. I also own a lot of rompers and those have become my go-to-outfits when I want to look nicer because they're easy to wear and really comfortable. I have a pair of red and a pair of black Hunter boots that I adore, I've worn them in the snow, mud, and rain so they're not so shiny anymore but I might as well use them for what they're for! J.Crew chino shorts are such a simple but amazing piece to have in your closet, I have an array of different colors so I wear mine a lot (I basically own every color in the rainbow - oops!) I also have a few little black dresses that I love, ever girl needs her LBD!
Enfiniti: What's your top five favorite brands?

Lauren: The only brands I can think of that I buy a lot from are J.Crew and Lilly Pulitzer, I shop at Nordstom and a lot of  boutiques which are filled with lots of different brands! Also any southern t-shirt store!
Enfiniti: What's the best trip you've taken?

Lauren: Last spring break my family and I all went to Jumby Bay and Saint Martin which are islands in the French Indies (the Caribbean)! It was an absolute blast, I always have a great time at Saint Martin because there's a simplicity to the island, most people are really friendly and there's great shopping, food, and hiking! This was our first time to Jumby Bay and it was the most amazing vacation I've ever been on! We had private beach, pool, tennis court, staff - it was so cool and definitely a once in a life experience that I was blessed to have!
Enfiniti: What can you not leave the house without?

Lauren: An extra coat of mascara and a pair of my Ray Ban aviators!

There you go, a little about the mastermind behind Daily Dose of Charm. Be sure to check out her blog: www.dailydoseofcharm.com for more on her and to solve all your problems check out her tumblr: www.letsmakeitpreppy.tumblr.com

'Til next time!


June Playlist

What's summer/June without an ultimate playlist? Below is mine and all the songs I've been addicted to... Hope y'all like. *Some Recent Songs, Some Old*

Time of Our Lives- Pitbull ft. Neyo
Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)- Sam Smith
Where R Ü Now- Skrillex, Diplo, & Justin Beiber
I Know You Like It- DJ Snake
Assets- Yellow Claw
I Really Like You- Carly Rae Jepson
HYFR- Drake
Better Have My Money- Rihanna
Bad Blood- Taylor Swift
Leave the Night On- Sam Hunt
Crash and Burn- Thomas Rhett
Get Me Some of That- Thomas Rhett
She Bad- Cameron Dallas
All Night Longer- Sammy Adams
Almost Famous- G Eazy
No Intteruption- Hoodie Allen
All About It- Hoodie Allen ft. Ed Sheeran
Fancy (Yellow Claw Remix)- Iggy Azalea, Charlie XCX
No Flex Zone (Yellow Claw Remix)- Rae S.
Summer ( Diplo &Grandtheft Remix)- Calvin Harris

That's my June Summer starter favorites!
What's yours?




June Wallpaper

Here's my very first monthly wallpaper... Hope you guys like, the theme is preppy summer... Since it's June the start... So use it and tag me!


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