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Saturday, June 13, 2015

So a couple post ago, I told y'all how I wanted to get more into photography. So today I had nothing to do and my Mema has this amazing yard, that is great for photography, so with that,  I got my uncle and I said, " Hey your going to take some pictures for me." And it also helped him because he's autistic and taking picture was really fun, and I showed him how to work the camera and all. So it was a fun "mini photoshoot",

I took a few by myself and others he took of me. But I was really proud of myself and thought that I'd just share my outcome with y'all. I did learn a few things while taking the photographs.

1. It's not like taking a SELFIE!
2. You have to let the camera focus.
3. Be creative and open minded.

So below are the pictures I took.

Photo Credits to my Uncle!

So here are the pictures I took myself, which is mostly nature.
I really love this picture because it gives a fall mixed with summer feel, and those a my favorite seasons.

I took some rest in the shade! It was really hot, and the sun was blazing.

So it was really sunny and hot and then this happened.

I thought the scenery was beautiful and amazing so I had to of course. I've gotten  a stronger desire for photography so expect to see more post like this. 

For more of my photography:

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Also I'm going on a family vacation, so won't be posting this weekend!
See you Monday or Tuesday!

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