Interview with Olivia from Miss Olivia Says

So after the back and forth guest post with Olivia, I decided to interview her. She is an extremley fun person to work with, and can't wait to work with her again. If you want to know more about the mastermind behind Miss Olivia Says, continue reading.
Enfiniti: Tells us a little about yourself.
Olivia: I am a rising senior at the University of Portland where I am studying marketing and sustainability. I grew up in Northern California and used to be the biggest tom-boy until I started to love shopping and makeup. I played competitive soccer from 10 years old until I went off to college and decided that I did not want to continue playing at the collegiate level. I love going on adventures and plan to travel Europe when I graduate college.

Enfiniti: When did you start blogging and why?

Olivia: I started blogging my junior year in high school because I always admired fashion and beauty gurus on YouTube. I didn't think making YouTube videos was really 'my thing' so I opted to create my own blog! It has changed so much over the years but ultimately I made it as a way to express my style, document my lifestyle, and to connect with people around the world who share the same passions as me!

Enfiniti: What's something you've learned from blogging?

Olivia: I learned that you don't have to have a million followers to have a successful blog. Your blog success will come naturally from creating great content and connecting with other bloggers around you. You can still have fun and create a inspiring and creative post without being considered a well-known blogger! Anything is possible, but in the meantime continue to create fun and engaging posts and the traffic will flock to you!

Enfiniti: How has blogging impacted your life?

Olivia: It has always been a side hobby of mine so it hasn't consumed a lot of my time until this summer when I decided I wanted to put more into my blogging. Being a blogger gives you a mindset where you are always thinking of cool new post ideas and getting ideas from the world around you. I love that aspect!

Enfiniti: What would you consider your style?

Olivia: I wish I had a simple answer to this question! I love so many different styles that I literally cannot pinpoint an exact style... I'm sure you noticed I interview a lot of preppy bloggers, but I don't consider myself prep enough to fall under that category. Although I LOVE Lilly, Vineyard Vines, and all that jazz, I don't wear it enough to categorize myself as preppy. To put it short, I have a girly style and love finding pieces from all over: dresses, floral, white, and black makes up a majority of my closet.
Photo via Miss Olivia Says.~

Enfiniti: What's something you cannot leave the house without?
Olivia: Chapstick! I have a million different chapsticks but most of the time they are lost somewhere. I always make sure I have one in my purse though!

Enfiniti: What's your inspiration in life?

Olivia: I can't think of someone in particular, but I would have to say my entire family. I just want to make them proud because they are all very hardworking so they always inspire me to do my best!

Enfiniti: What's your aspiration in life?

Olivia: I want to find a job that I love to go to every morning. I would hate to wake up and dread going to work so finding something I absolutely love doing is a huge goal of mine. I believe that doing internships in different industries will help me figure out where I belong. I also plan to own two german shepherd dogs!

Enfiniti: What's your top 3 favorite brands?

Olivia: Lulus, Forever 21, Brandy Melville, Tobi, Lilly Pulizer... I can't name just three!
Enfiniti: How would you describe yourself and your personality?
Olivia: I am quirky and outgoing when you get to know me. I love to laugh and goof off but I am very serious when I need to get something done. I am a very ambitious person and I hate waiting around for an opportunity to fall onto my lap. I am a go getter so I love finding new opportunities and challenges!

Enfiniti: What's one thing high school and/or college has taught you?

Olivia: Friends come and go. Especially in high school when everyone is still 'finding themselves'. You probably won't walk out of high school with the same group of friends you walked in with. This is a hard realization, but from experience, there is way better friends out there!

Enfiniti: What's your favorite quote?

Olivia: "Be who you are and say what you feel because those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind" -Dr. Seuss

Enfiniti: What's the craziest thing you've ever done in your life?

Olivia: My friend from high school and I spontaneously planned a trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico last year during spring break. However, it wasn't the typical spring break to Mexico trip where we stayed at an inclusive resort drunk the entire time and never ventured out onto the town. We stayed in her uncle's house which was in a traditional Mexican neighborhood and even rode the city bus around town. We took an hour bus ride to a cool little surf town called Sayulita, which was so beautiful. Something my friend always says is adventure starts at the edge of your comfort zone and that definitely described that trip.

Enfiniti: What's one thing you want to do before you leave this world, and be remembered for?

Olivia: I want to be remembered for my hard work and bubbly personality. I believe in working hard for what you want but also having a good time getting there!

Enfiniti: What tips do you have for new bloggers?
Olivia: Think of posts that not only reflect your personality, but posts that you think people will benefit from. It is totally okay to do the typical Monthly Favorites posts or OOTD, but once in awhile think of something original because that is what sets you apart.

Enfiniti: So I'm going to be a freshman in high school this year, what advice do you have for freshman in high school and college, and all in between?
Olivia: Enjoy every minute of it. Sure, there will be hard times, break ups, bad grades, mean friends, but when you look back you don't remember those little things. High school and college is about making memories and working towards your future. And time flies by so quickly. It feels like yesterday I was saying goodbye to my parents as they dropped me off at college... now I am about to head back for my final year and it baffles me! And although there were hard times in high school and college, I made sure to take the positive with me and that is what I remember most

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Summer Scents (Bath and Body Works)

So summer's is almost gone, but not quite, and so I was on Bath and Body Works website, looking for some new scents, when I saw that they where having a summer sale, selling these amazing scents for $6, in lotion, shower gel, and spray. I was like wow, I *have* to post about this. So here it is!

So before I list these I love the super fruity and summery names so much, they're really cute and catchy, and I love the first three because the a nautical themed and I love anything nautical, so that was a plus, but back on topic. Below are the links listed and the fragrances names:

(top row; left to right) Sunkissed Days| Seaside Mimosa| Beach Breeze| Guava Pineapple Splash| Iced Coconut Coolada 
(bottom row; left to right) Pink Lemonade Fizz| Cool Melon Kiwi| Mango Tango Twirl| *Georgia Peach and Sweet Tea*

*Georgia Peach and Sweet Tea is currently out of stock on Bathand Body Works website, but you can find it on amazon or in stores. I listed this because it is an fun summer scent and it smell incredible and I know from personal use, and anybody who loves sweet tea (any one from the south especially) would love this.*

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Beach Photography

So we just recently went to the beach and I took some photos to share with you guys. I took a few random ones, and edited it, but they look really neat when edited. I can say my passion has grown strongly and I'm thinking about asking my mom for a real camera instead of using my iPhone. But if you were wondering what I used for my editing I use Afterlight ($0.99) and VSCO Cam (free) in the app store. VSCO is also avaliable on Google Play too. 

So here are my photos I took.

Because if you didn't know already, I la la love Ben & Jerry's! <3
Cookie Dough and Strawberry Cheesecake is my favorite! ^.^

She wasn't ready for the picture, haha!

 She finally got a chance to meet Anna, she was so excited but she still wanted to know where Elsa was, so Anna told her she was in Arendelle making sure the ice sculptures didn't melt.

 Just a selfie, plus I love these sunglasses!
 A view of the wonderful Wrightsville Beach. North Carolina! It was so pretty out that day, and the water felt amazing.

I loved the focus in this photo, my feet had gotten really sandy from my walk on the beach, plus I just loved how the photo turned out.

Before my toes got super sandy, I took a walk and I thought to take a picture while walking, I was expecting the worst, but it came out pretty good!

 In the city of Southport, NC, everything is red white and blue all 365 days a year. They have the biggest July 4th parades in NC, I didn't get pictures of the parade, sorry, I was just to into it!

Because this is the best tea in the world other than Half&Half, Green Tea, & Arizona!

Out to eat selfie with Baby Brighe.

So that's my beach photography I took.

Sunglasses are Nine West, I purchased them from Ross, They were on clearance for $10.00.


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Nautical Nonsense: Summer Essentials| Guest Post by Olivia Muller


I am so excited to do a guest blog post on Enfiniti's blog! My name is Olivia and you can find me at my blog Miss Olivia Says. I absolutely love Enfiniti's style and I was so happy when she reached out to me. Today I put together a 'Nautical Nonsense: Summer Essentials' collage with my favorite nautical themed clothing pieces!

My sister loves nautical themed prints and products so I made this with her in mind. My mom even redecorated the guest bedroom with a nautical theme! You can either go all out and dress so nautical with anchors and navy that it looks like you're heading to a yacht party or tone it down with a couple of nautical-themed pieces (which I prefer). Below are my ideas! Comment on what you like best!

JCrew Chino shorts HERE |  Sperry Boat Shoes HERE |  Dorothy Perkins Cross Body Bag HERE |  Kate Spade iPhone Case HERE |  Kate Spade Necklace HERE

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Enfiniti's Lust: Gold and Coral

So to start the first week of Enfiniti Lust, I did my Gold and Coral Lusts, things I want, badly. So I did gold and coral because they're two of my favorite colors and they go perfect with any summer look, and look the best in the summer. The items above are items I'm dying to have but my mother simply tells me I have to work for, and when totaling up the items above, that's a lot, so they're currently lusts but will soon be mine! *Pray for me* Anyway I'm just so in love with these items, it's just crazy of course they're more, this is just a start people. But if someone asked what are some items you REALLY won't in your closet, right now at this moment, notice I said this moment and not overall,  it'll so be the ones above. 
Why you ask, well simply because it's simple and you can pair them with anything. Coral is a great color to play around, I love mixing coral up with different colors and prints, especially blue and chevron. Like this could be an outfit, all you need is a white top and some aviator Ray-Bans, and your all set, or change the earrings blue to match the phone case. See playing around! 
So that's my lust for this week, what's your's?
Phone Case |  Kendra Scott 'Elle' Earrings | KJP 'Jackie O' Bracelet | Kate Spade 'Cedar Street Slim Bee' J. Crew 3'' Chino Shorts | Kate Spade 'Large Mother of Pearl Gold Gramercy' Watch | Jack Rogers 'Nantucket Gold' Sandal | To Complete It: Ray-Ban AviatorsH&M White Lace Top
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Where Preppy Meets Trendy: Guest Post by Kathrine Titterton

 Hey there! I'm Katherine Lynn, age 20, a rising junior at Colgate University, and I am the pretty preppy girl. I was born and raised in a small Connecticut town, but I'm currently living on NYC's Upper East Side for my summer internship. I originally started my blog to document my NYC adventures this summer, but it grew to encompass a collection of all the pretty and preppy things I love, too!

Where Preppy Meets Trendy: Summer Scallops 
Scallops are literally everywhere, but I'm not complaining. I know we've all been obsessing over shorts and dresses with scalloped hems, but the detail is popping up in other, more unexpected places. Scallops are perfect for adding a super-cute, trendy, and vaguely nautical touch to everything from jewelry to swimwear. Earn major fashion points by doubling down on trends (such as with the scalloped statement necklace and cold shoulder top below), or let scallops freshen up a classic wardrobe staple such as a tote or watch (also below).


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Sibilings 101: The Spelling Game

See that little girl in the picture above. She looks so adorable doesn't she... Well not really, up under all that cuteness is pure irritation. She acts nothing like the picture above. Let me introduce her, Brighe (pronounced bre) is my youngest sister. There's 4 of use, 3 girls and a boy, and yeah she the evilest. She gets away with absolutely everything. But anyway the girl mouth doesn't stop. Ever. It goes on and on and on, the only time it stops is when she's sleep, and sometimes she talks in her sleep.

So in the afternoon, on our way home we have a long commute, and she talks the whole ride, and it drives me crazy, my earbuds can't cover her voice, that's how bad it is. So one day, we were sitting in traffic and I had an crazy headache, and the three of them we're in the backseat screaming and I just wanted to jump out the car. But I wouldn't dare end my life in such way over some kids.

So I got this idea, a game, I give them a word to spell, and if they can't spell it, they have to be quiet the whole ride home, and it worked on everyone except the middle child, Samara.

I told my brother to spell catastrophe and he couldn't do it, so he had to be quiet.
Brighe to spell mommy (she could spell mom, just not mommy) and she failed, and my heart filled with pure joy and success. FINALLY! a ride home without her voice, and it was the best ride of my life. It's now my new favorite game.

If anyone has siblings like mine, I recommend you try this. And here's a little trick... ALWAYS GIVE THEM A HARD WORD! It works trust me!

Now I have to get back to Brighe.

But til' next time.



P,S, I took that picture! Photography points to me!

Ultimate July Playlist

July is here finally, and this is the month when I do the most stuff ever with my friends. June's always the lax month. But July is the month I always look forward to. So this month playlist is more of Coachella, EDM Rave type playlist, which is honestly the best music to listen to especially with friends, with a mix of pop, country, and some hip hop, some. So here you go below:

  • Lean On- DJ Snake & Major Lazor ft MO
  • Save Me- Keys N Krates ft Katy B
  • This Summer- Maroon 5*
  • Fight Song- Rachel Platten
  • I Don't Like It, I Love It- Flo Rida ft Robin Thicke*
  • Runaway (U&I)- Glanatis ( Dillion Francis Remix)*
  • Shut Up & Dance- Walk the Moon*
  • Honey, I'm Good- Andy Grammer
  • Take a Walk- Passion Pit
  • National Anthem- Lana del Rey*
  • Diet Mountain Dew- Lana del Rey*
  • This Is What Makes Us Girls- Lana del Rey*
  • Get Low- Dillon Francis, DJ Snake
  • Money- Lido
  • Kick the Dust Up- Luke Bryan
  • Sleepless-Flume
  • Holdin On- Flume
  • Figure 8- Ellie Goulding
  • This Is How We Roll- Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan*
  • F for You- Disclosure
  • You & Me- Disclosure*
  • Love You Like That- Cannan Smith*
  • Worth It- Fifth Harmony
* Means you HAVE to listen to!




42 Things To Do This Summer

SO summer is almost over and you need something to do with friends or family or just by yourself but you don't know what. Well I can help fix that. Below is 42 things that will cure your summer bordem.

1. Go to the beach
2. Take pictures of the places you travel and make a scrapbook
3. Tye dye shirts
4. Make sno-cones
5. Go snorkeling
6. Go paddle boarding or surfing
7. Kayaking
8. Lounge at a nearby lake.
9. Have lunch own a boat/yacht
10. Body paint with your friends
11. Go to an amusement park
12. Indoor Skydiving
13. Zip lining
14. Host a bonfire
15. Go or host a pool party
16. Have a cookout
18. Write
19. Rearrange your room
20. Clean out your closet
21. Go camping
22. Watch the sunset/sunrise
23. Make your own shorts
24. Go cliff jumping
25. Go to an concert
26. Travel
27. Have a sleepover 😊
28. Sleep on the trampoline with friends
29. Volunteer at your local animal shelter or camp
30. Go eno
31. Go thrifting
32. Have a paint or chalk fight
33. Have a water fight
34. Go to the beach
35. Go to a different restaurants
36. Paint your room
37. Blindfold makeup
38. Night swimming
39. Stay out in the city late
40. Go to your local park at night
41. Just stay out late period
42. Pull an all nighters

Have Fun!

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King's Dominion

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How To Make New Friends

So this summer is ALMOST over, not quite, but the school year isn't far away either. So as a rising freshman, there are so many things running through my head about high school, one including, who am I going to talk to?  I know as the school year goes I'll make new friends, but you still don't want to spend the first two days looking crazy! SO here's a few guidelines and tips to making new friends.

  1. Be you-  don't try to act like someone or something your not. Be you! Nobody wants to be friends with someone who has to make up a story for everything. Don't say you like Lana del Rey if you really like the 1975, but really if you don't like Lana, you don't know real music. Or you like Bath and Body Works better than VS Pink, but because Angeline likes it you like it. Trust me you will find someone who has the same interests as you. 
  2. Be Nice- Don't act stuck up because then you really push people away. Be nice. Welcome everyone you meet in because you want others to do the same to you.
  3. Don't Be Shy- Speak up, say hi, introduce yourself, don't wait for others to come to you, go to them. Be the person that stands out. Be the extrovert of the situation.
  4.  Join a sports team and/or club-  Join different clubs and sports that your school offer that you like or try something new, the more things you do in your school the more people you'll meet,
  5. Speak to everyone-  The person you think you'll never have anything to do with, just might become your best friend. It may surprise you.
  6.  Find someone your polar opposites with- Most people best friend are two totally different types of people. I have a friend who's like a sister, she's a junior this year, and I have a friend going to school in a different county than me, but we are nothing a like. For example, Me: The good girl, classy, elegant, church girl, Lana del Rey lover, preppy, preppy guys, soccer players and track runners, and ballet. Junior: Party, crazy dare devil, wears anything she finds cut, far from a good girl, far from a church girl, bad boys, and party. Other friend: Party, bad boys, Gucci, Jordan's, MK everything, Fetty Wap, etc. See nothing a like but from the way we act together, you'd think we're like 3 peas in a pod.
  7.  Make the first move-  Be the first to plan the hangouts, trip, get together, etc. You'll be surprised of the turn out
That's all for today hope this helps! Remember be you!

* I will post my vacation post soon, I need to finish up some things and I'll have it to you! Also social media has changed so check out the contact page here for more*




Q&A answers

Here are my answers for the Q&A. Thanks for all that participated! 😘

-What's your style? 
 • Chic & Preppy

- What's your home state?
 • North Carolina 💙

-First Kiss?
 • Haven't had it yet 😳

- Shoe Size?
 • 6.5 or 7

- Have you ever had a boyfriend?
 • Nah

- top 3 brands?
 • Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer and J. Crew

- How many kids do you want?
 • Uh, honestly I just want fraternal twins so I can go head and have my boy & girl. Smart right?!

- Top 3 baby names.
 • Girls-


- Backpack or Tote?
• definitely a tote!

- dry shampoo or leave in conditioner?
 • Well because of the type of hair I have I'd have to say leave in conditioner.

- Favortie TV show?
 • Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf is everything!

- Favorite Movie?
  • The Best of Me and Longest Ride

- Favorite Sport.
 • To watch would be football! But to participate in I say cheerleading and dance.

- Favorite food.
 • Chicken Tenders and French Fries!

-Favorite book?
 • Rules of the Summer

- Favorite gum flavor?
 • anything tropical

- Favorite Song?
 • Anything Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, and Lana del Ray

- Dream College?
 • Appalanchian State or University of Georgia

- Favorite Actor?
  • Cameron Diaz and Chloe Grace Mortez

- Fashion Icon?
 • Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad, and  Cameron Diaz

- Candy?
 • Sour Patch Kids!

- What style of dance do you do?
  • Lyrical and learning ballet

- A place you want to go?
 • Palm Beach



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