42 Things To Do This Summer

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

SO summer is almost over and you need something to do with friends or family or just by yourself but you don't know what. Well I can help fix that. Below is 42 things that will cure your summer bordem.

1. Go to the beach
2. Take pictures of the places you travel and make a scrapbook
3. Tye dye shirts
4. Make sno-cones
5. Go snorkeling
6. Go paddle boarding or surfing
7. Kayaking
8. Lounge at a nearby lake.
9. Have lunch own a boat/yacht
10. Body paint with your friends
11. Go to an amusement park
12. Indoor Skydiving
13. Zip lining
14. Host a bonfire
15. Go or host a pool party
16. Have a cookout
18. Write
19. Rearrange your room
20. Clean out your closet
21. Go camping
22. Watch the sunset/sunrise
23. Make your own shorts
24. Go cliff jumping
25. Go to an concert
26. Travel
27. Have a sleepover 😊
28. Sleep on the trampoline with friends
29. Volunteer at your local animal shelter or camp
30. Go eno
31. Go thrifting
32. Have a paint or chalk fight
33. Have a water fight
34. Go to the beach
35. Go to a different restaurants
36. Paint your room
37. Blindfold makeup
38. Night swimming
39. Stay out in the city late
40. Go to your local park at night
41. Just stay out late period
42. Pull an all nighters

Have Fun!

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