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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

So we just recently went to the beach and I took some photos to share with you guys. I took a few random ones, and edited it, but they look really neat when edited. I can say my passion has grown strongly and I'm thinking about asking my mom for a real camera instead of using my iPhone. But if you were wondering what I used for my editing I use Afterlight ($0.99) and VSCO Cam (free) in the app store. VSCO is also avaliable on Google Play too. 

So here are my photos I took.

Because if you didn't know already, I la la love Ben & Jerry's! <3
Cookie Dough and Strawberry Cheesecake is my favorite! ^.^

She wasn't ready for the picture, haha!

 She finally got a chance to meet Anna, she was so excited but she still wanted to know where Elsa was, so Anna told her she was in Arendelle making sure the ice sculptures didn't melt.

 Just a selfie, plus I love these sunglasses!
 A view of the wonderful Wrightsville Beach. North Carolina! It was so pretty out that day, and the water felt amazing.

I loved the focus in this photo, my feet had gotten really sandy from my walk on the beach, plus I just loved how the photo turned out.

Before my toes got super sandy, I took a walk and I thought to take a picture while walking, I was expecting the worst, but it came out pretty good!

 In the city of Southport, NC, everything is red white and blue all 365 days a year. They have the biggest July 4th parades in NC, I didn't get pictures of the parade, sorry, I was just to into it!

Because this is the best tea in the world other than Half&Half, Green Tea, & Arizona!

Out to eat selfie with Baby Brighe.

So that's my beach photography I took.

Sunglasses are Nine West, I purchased them from Ross, They were on clearance for $10.00.


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