Enfiniti's Lust: Gold and Coral

Friday, July 17, 2015

So to start the first week of Enfiniti Lust, I did my Gold and Coral Lusts, things I want, badly. So I did gold and coral because they're two of my favorite colors and they go perfect with any summer look, and look the best in the summer. The items above are items I'm dying to have but my mother simply tells me I have to work for, and when totaling up the items above, that's a lot, so they're currently lusts but will soon be mine! *Pray for me* Anyway I'm just so in love with these items, it's just crazy of course they're more, this is just a start people. But if someone asked what are some items you REALLY won't in your closet, right now at this moment, notice I said this moment and not overall,  it'll so be the ones above. 
Why you ask, well simply because it's simple and you can pair them with anything. Coral is a great color to play around, I love mixing coral up with different colors and prints, especially blue and chevron. Like this could be an outfit, all you need is a white top and some aviator Ray-Bans, and your all set, or change the earrings blue to match the phone case. See playing around! 
So that's my lust for this week, what's your's?
Phone Case |  Kendra Scott 'Elle' Earrings | KJP 'Jackie O' Bracelet | Kate Spade 'Cedar Street Slim Bee' J. Crew 3'' Chino Shorts | Kate Spade 'Large Mother of Pearl Gold Gramercy' Watch | Jack Rogers 'Nantucket Gold' Sandal | To Complete It: Ray-Ban AviatorsH&M White Lace Top
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