How To Make New Friends

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

So this summer is ALMOST over, not quite, but the school year isn't far away either. So as a rising freshman, there are so many things running through my head about high school, one including, who am I going to talk to?  I know as the school year goes I'll make new friends, but you still don't want to spend the first two days looking crazy! SO here's a few guidelines and tips to making new friends.

  1. Be you-  don't try to act like someone or something your not. Be you! Nobody wants to be friends with someone who has to make up a story for everything. Don't say you like Lana del Rey if you really like the 1975, but really if you don't like Lana, you don't know real music. Or you like Bath and Body Works better than VS Pink, but because Angeline likes it you like it. Trust me you will find someone who has the same interests as you. 
  2. Be Nice- Don't act stuck up because then you really push people away. Be nice. Welcome everyone you meet in because you want others to do the same to you.
  3. Don't Be Shy- Speak up, say hi, introduce yourself, don't wait for others to come to you, go to them. Be the person that stands out. Be the extrovert of the situation.
  4.  Join a sports team and/or club-  Join different clubs and sports that your school offer that you like or try something new, the more things you do in your school the more people you'll meet,
  5. Speak to everyone-  The person you think you'll never have anything to do with, just might become your best friend. It may surprise you.
  6.  Find someone your polar opposites with- Most people best friend are two totally different types of people. I have a friend who's like a sister, she's a junior this year, and I have a friend going to school in a different county than me, but we are nothing a like. For example, Me: The good girl, classy, elegant, church girl, Lana del Rey lover, preppy, preppy guys, soccer players and track runners, and ballet. Junior: Party, crazy dare devil, wears anything she finds cut, far from a good girl, far from a church girl, bad boys, and party. Other friend: Party, bad boys, Gucci, Jordan's, MK everything, Fetty Wap, etc. See nothing a like but from the way we act together, you'd think we're like 3 peas in a pod.
  7.  Make the first move-  Be the first to plan the hangouts, trip, get together, etc. You'll be surprised of the turn out
That's all for today hope this helps! Remember be you!

* I will post my vacation post soon, I need to finish up some things and I'll have it to you! Also social media has changed so check out the contact page here for more*



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