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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Here are my answers for the Q&A. Thanks for all that participated! 😘

-What's your style? 
 • Chic & Preppy

- What's your home state?
 • North Carolina 💙

-First Kiss?
 • Haven't had it yet 😳

- Shoe Size?
 • 6.5 or 7

- Have you ever had a boyfriend?
 • Nah

- top 3 brands?
 • Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer and J. Crew

- How many kids do you want?
 • Uh, honestly I just want fraternal twins so I can go head and have my boy & girl. Smart right?!

- Top 3 baby names.
 • Girls-


- Backpack or Tote?
• definitely a tote!

- dry shampoo or leave in conditioner?
 • Well because of the type of hair I have I'd have to say leave in conditioner.

- Favortie TV show?
 • Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf is everything!

- Favorite Movie?
  • The Best of Me and Longest Ride

- Favorite Sport.
 • To watch would be football! But to participate in I say cheerleading and dance.

- Favorite food.
 • Chicken Tenders and French Fries!

-Favorite book?
 • Rules of the Summer

- Favorite gum flavor?
 • anything tropical

- Favorite Song?
 • Anything Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, and Lana del Ray

- Dream College?
 • Appalanchian State or University of Georgia

- Favorite Actor?
  • Cameron Diaz and Chloe Grace Mortez

- Fashion Icon?
 • Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad, and  Cameron Diaz

- Candy?
 • Sour Patch Kids!

- What style of dance do you do?
  • Lyrical and learning ballet

- A place you want to go?
 • Palm Beach



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