Sibilings 101: The Spelling Game

Thursday, July 09, 2015

See that little girl in the picture above. She looks so adorable doesn't she... Well not really, up under all that cuteness is pure irritation. She acts nothing like the picture above. Let me introduce her, Brighe (pronounced bre) is my youngest sister. There's 4 of use, 3 girls and a boy, and yeah she the evilest. She gets away with absolutely everything. But anyway the girl mouth doesn't stop. Ever. It goes on and on and on, the only time it stops is when she's sleep, and sometimes she talks in her sleep.

So in the afternoon, on our way home we have a long commute, and she talks the whole ride, and it drives me crazy, my earbuds can't cover her voice, that's how bad it is. So one day, we were sitting in traffic and I had an crazy headache, and the three of them we're in the backseat screaming and I just wanted to jump out the car. But I wouldn't dare end my life in such way over some kids.

So I got this idea, a game, I give them a word to spell, and if they can't spell it, they have to be quiet the whole ride home, and it worked on everyone except the middle child, Samara.

I told my brother to spell catastrophe and he couldn't do it, so he had to be quiet.
Brighe to spell mommy (she could spell mom, just not mommy) and she failed, and my heart filled with pure joy and success. FINALLY! a ride home without her voice, and it was the best ride of my life. It's now my new favorite game.

If anyone has siblings like mine, I recommend you try this. And here's a little trick... ALWAYS GIVE THEM A HARD WORD! It works trust me!

Now I have to get back to Brighe.

But til' next time.



P,S, I took that picture! Photography points to me!

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