Countdown to My Birthday: Starbucks Run

Monday, August 03, 2015

So this week has been really crazy, and I haven't been able to post my Enfiniti's Lust which I will be posting soon!, early than usual. But if you didn't know my birthday is coming up, so I will be doing a countdown to one of my favorite days of the year, my birthday. It is currently 10 days and I'm so excited because I will finally be the same age, 14, as all my friends and they can no longer pick o me, altough they are about to be 15, it's still really exciting, plus 4 days after will be my first day of high school! So yeah this month is by far my favorite.

So here are some pictures to show how my mom surprised me on my countdown.

 She took me to Starbucks and got me a caramel frappacino, it's really fun to go on my first starbucks run with my mom, we we're actually in line forever because my mom couldn't decide on what she wanted but she setteled with a caramel mocha.

 She was struggling to get out her money, and we ordered my four year old sister a cake pop, and it was not a good idea, but cause she was super duper hyper the entire ride to my grandma's house. As you can see she's swinging around a water squirt around in the back seat.

And of course I had to snap a photo of me enjoying this amazing beverage, I was so in love and happy, my sisters' kept asking, but I'm being extremely selfish this month, don't judge me.

So it's 10 days to the big day! Comment your birthday and when you go back to school below!

Be sure to check out my VSCO:

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