Geometric Vibes, Dooney & Burke, and Chili's

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sunday for my birthday I went out with my best friend, Fanatasia, to Chili's for dinner. It was so fun just to go out and laugh with her, then after that we went to this amazing Frozen Custard spot called Goodberry's. So yeah you could say we had fun, but before all that we went to church and that's always fun! After church Fantasia and I didn't know what we wanted to eat, so us two and few other members of our church were just listing a whole bunch of places in the nearest shopping center, White Oak, to eat. Finally after naming places in White Oak and outside of White Oak, we settled on Chili's.  So here's a recap of my outfit and then we'll hop into the dinner part.
I absolutley love my geometric shift dress, it's cute, and simple. Plus it's great for cold and warm weather! This is my first time wearing it in the summer, I wore it twice in winter with tights and ankle boots.  I styled the dress with Dooney & Burke ( thanks, Mrs.Amy) bag, and with pearls to complete the classy look. 

Dress (similar)// Bag: Dooney & Burke (similar)//  Shoes (Carolina Bay)// Pearls (similar)// Bracelet: MK (similar)//

  I ordered a Cajun Chicken Pasta with Blackberry Tea.

She was focused on her food!
Then I enjoyed and Cookie Dough Custard from Goodberry's!
I had SO much fun and I can't wait to do this again and share it with you guys!
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