Going Veggie

So if you've read my 101  in 1000 bucket list, you already know that one thing I wanna do is go vegetarian for a year. I have done this before but stopped for other reasons, but decided that I just wanna do it again. Now that I do my research and stuff I realized, that last time I was a little less educated and had misunderstood some things. So here are so tips and things you should know if your going veggie, or ever decide to go veggie.

So to start off... There are seven types of vegetarians:
  1. Vegan: Vegans don't consume animal products or processed products. They don't consume and sort of meats, milk, eggs, any dairy products, or anything that has animal based ingredients, such as honey or beeswax. They also don't use products such as, leather, wool, and silk. They are all about the veggies.
  2. Lacto Vegetarians:   Lacto Vegetarians don't eat red or white meat, fish, fowl, or eggs. But they do consume other dairy products.
  3. Octo Vegetarians: Octo Vegetarians don't consume red or white meat, fowl, or dairy products. But they do consume egg based products.
  4. Lacto-ovo Vegetarian: Lact-ovo vegetarians don't consume red or white meat, fowl, or fish.But they consume dairy and eggs products along with theirs veggies. This is the most common vegetarian diet,
  5. Pollotarian (ME): Known as the "semi-vegetarian diet", you only consume white meat and fowl, and a little fish. Any other meats they don't consume.
  6. Pescatarian: Technically not a vegetarian diet, pescatarians only eat fish and seafood, also considered a "semi-vegetarian".
  7. Flexitarian: Plant-based diet with meat consumption here and there. Not really a vegetarian diet, but close enough. This is almost like vegan with the strictly plants, except they consume animal based products.
So I'm going to go down the Pollotarian road. That way I can keep my delicious meats and fish, because honestly, I can't give up Chick-fil-A or Bojangles! But I'm also doing this for a healthier diet, and a healthier lifestyle. Plus red meat is not the best source of meat, due to it's high precentage of fat. Yes, I will miss the BLT, but it's worth giving up. So now I have to make a even bigger effort to consume more fruits and vegetables. 

So here's a little more info to help you out if your a newbie:

Red Meats:
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb
White Meals:
  • Veal
  • Chicken Breast 
  • Turkey
Dairy Products:
  • Milk (including lactose)
  • Cheese (Natural, Soft, and Processed)
  • Yogurt
  • Ice Cream
Recommended Greens/ My Favorite Greens :):
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Collard Greens
  • Dandelion
  • Lettuce
Some Helpful Links: (this includes recipes and other things)

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Enfiniti's Fall Lusts + Reasons to Love Fall

Oh fall, you've finally come through! I have been waiting for this to come since the 4th of July! So it's getting a little chilly outside, and I thank God for it because fall is just the best season, why well I'll explain that soon. But every season there's something or some things you want to start a new season, correct. Well I'm like that so I've went through the things I want to start off a new season, here it is below:

Now 16 Reasons to Love Fall:
  1. Cooler Weather, so no more blasting of AC!
  2. Sweaters, Sweaters, and more Sweaters
  3. Riding Boots, Uggs, Ballet Flats, and Boot Socks,
  4. Scarves
  5. Scenery
  6. Hot Chocolate and Hot Drinks
  7. Pumpkin Flavored Food and Drinks
  8. Cozy/Snuggling Weather
  9. Fireplace
  11. Oh, and we can't forget Halloween and Thanksgiving
  12. Cute fall decorations
  13. Corn Mazes and Hay Rides
  14. Pumpkin Carving and Picking
  15. Fall Scents from Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works
  16. Oh, I almost forgot HALLOWEENTOWN and CASPER!

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Snuggling into Freshman Year

So it has been 3 weeks into freshman year, and I can honestly say it's not as bad as I thought it would be. It's actually really fun and well... fun. I go to art school so Im surrounded by so much creativity and outgoing people, so it's so easy to find your crowd. The upperclassman are so nice and welcoming, and it's just amazing. Plus since we're in the heart of Downtown Raleigh, after school, we can go hang at local coffee shops, walk around, take pictures, explore, etc. It's just so much fun. But enough about freshman year, for right now. Let's go ahead and dive into the wonderful outfit I have awaiting for you guys!
So Friday, I jacked a good friend of mine for her sweater and decided to welcome in September. Yes I know it hasn't gotten exactly cold yet, but I couldn't help myself. So here it is!

So really funny story... That Vera Bradley bag/lunchbag. I've had it for 3 years and never knew it was Vera Bradley until like two days ago when I actually looked at the tag, haha. Oh and have you seen how much Buttercup has grown since last blog post?!
Shirt: (similar)/ Capri's: Wrngler (similar)/ Necklace: Borrowed from Mom/ Shoes: Sperry/ Bag: Vera Bradley (similar)
Okay so now jumping back to being a freshman, here are some things I've learned within 3 weeks of school:
~ Leggings are going to be your best friend. ( You might find yourself constantly "bumming")
~ After the first week of school, dressing up isn't going to be so important anymore
~ Be open and different
~ Drama will find it's way to you, but you don't have to confide to it
~ Don't judge someone until you actually meet them!
~ Don't be afraid to ask for help!
~ Stay on the teachers good side.
~ Work Hard!!!
Alright that's it for today!!!
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Dear Class of 2019 Pt.2

So I know I have been super absent for a while, school has started for me and freshman year is actually not that bad, I will finish up these last two parts and then tell you about my first week in high school as a freshman.
Frannie from The Blonde Prep

How do I approach the fear of public speaking?
​ ​For me, public speaking is one of things that just depends on the day and who I'm talking to and what I'm talking about. Giving a presentation in class or speaking at an assembly are totally different, but there are a few things to keep in mind. If you're giving a presentation to a bunch of classmates, just remind yourself that they're all in the same position too. And, don't kid yourself, you know half of them aren't paying attention anyways, so really no one is judging you, I promise! As for the teacher, he or she honestly just wants to hear about your project or what you studied; teachers want you to succeed, they aren't trying to set you up for failure! If you're speaking to a huge crowd for something, there still is no need to panic! Your audience wants to hear what you have to say, just be yourself! We are all human, and nobody's perfect, so don't worry about slipping up on a few words... it's never as big of a deal at it might feel like when you're on stage.

The schools says I'll have 2-3 hours of homework is that true?
​ This depends so much on what classes you take, how productive you are, and how much work you're assigned each night, etc. If you sit down and crank out your homework, then you could probably finish most of it in an hour on an average day. However, that doesn't include extra studying and reading assignments that you might have to do (those 2-3 hours are an average and probably include 30-45 minutes of extra studying that you won't be doing, but probably should; haha, that's my biggest problem right there). Just remember that distractions (like texting and checking Instagram every five minutes) only will make your homework seem longer and never-ending. 

Will Google really be my best friend?

​ Depends. Those things called textbooks actually come in handy sometimes too (shocking, I know)!

How do you balance extra curricular and academics?
​ It's honestly kind of easy to get the hang of this once you get used to your schedule. If you make good use of your time then you shouldn't feel too overwhelmed. Just be productive, diligent, and I 100% suggest making to-do lists to help you stay on-task and organized.

Do I really need a ton of school supplies?

 I wouldn't say you need significantly more supplies than you're used to. High school is a lot more low-key when it comes to glue sticks and scissors, but you can always just stock up on the basics and go from there to see what you need as the school year kicks off.

Is it true that all athletes are players?

​ Haha I go to an all girls school, so I don't have any experience with this on the daily, but no, that's just a stereotype :)

How do I find my own crowd?

​ Making friends in high school is really easy because you have different people in all of your classes and you will definitely make friends with teammates and girls in the same clubs and activities as you. However, be aware that your friend group freshman year will change, and that's okay. It's normal, and usually a good thing, and you eventually will be right where you are meant to end up.

What should I wear to football games?

​ I have a post on this here! Something you feel comfortable in is most important
Is it true high school will be filled with the most drama ever?
​ This honestly depends on your friends and your school, but you don't have to be a part of the drama if you don't cause it.

What do you consider the 'High School Experience'?

​ ​
Ohh gosh... 
​I don't even know how to answer this. Going to all girls school, I have to admit that my high school experience is different from how I had always imagined it would be growing up. But now, I think it's just going to football games or hockey games with friends and going out and having fun. Do your own thing, find yourself, and take it day by day. It goes sofast, so savor every minute. 

If an upperclassman hangs with me, do they really like me, or are they messing with me?

 You'll be able to tell.

Does high school parties really look like the ones in movies?

Depends on which ones you go to ;)

Are you able to go to homecoming each year?

​ At my school, yes! 

What was high school like for you?

​ I'm going to be a senior in high school this year, and I'm so excited, but it's also really bittersweet. High school for me has been some of the best years of my life, but that's different for everyone.

My advice for freshman... Appreciate everything. High school really does fly by, but it's some of the most crucial time in your life to just figure things out. You definitely need to study hard from the start (freshman year counts too!), but make sure, please, that you always make time to have fun, too. Best of luck! XO

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Mikayla from Seersucker State of Mind

How do I approach the fear of public speaking?Honestly, public speaking was one of my worst fears. When I got a project and realized that half my grade was on the presentation, I psyched myself out. One of my main problems of this fear is YOU! You psych yourself out before you even start. My teacher always told our class not to wait until the last day to practice your presentation. Practice on a daily basic in front of your mirror, your friend, or even your dog! Just practice. Eventually, it will feel like you aren't even public speaking. Pretend you are speaking to a friend.
The schools says I'll have 2-3 hours of homework is that true?
It depends on your pace and how you get things done. Personally, I did not have a lot of homework. I would usually get it done in classy, because we have longer periods in block schedule. Teachers normally do not pile up a lot of work. If you listen in class, you will be able to do your homework quicker and understand it. I would say homework does not even take over an hour. If it does take long, just take a few breaks! 

Will Google really be my best friend?
In some ways, Google will be your best friend. If you don't understand how to do something or what a term means, go ahead and look it up and find reliable sources. Any website with a '.org,' or reliable, because other people cannot go in and edit the information. If you looking Google up for answers, that is a different story. In that story, no. It will not be your best friend. You will not learn anything from doing that and are only hurting yourself. 

How do you balance extra curricular and academics?
I participated in every seasonal sport. I had done the same in middle school so knew the way that I should take the task of acadamecis and athletics and balance it out. Use your free time. In the bus or waiting for your game, get started on your homework. What!? I don't want to be the nerdy one sitting in the bus seat doing math problems! Do not worry about everyone else. They will most likely be doing it to. Use your time wisely and prioritize your most important things. 

Do I really need a ton of school supplies?
I did not use half of my composition books or notebooks that I purchased. You don't really need a lot of supplies. If you are on block schedule, just have a binder for each class. If not, have a huge binder for your morning classes and then another one for your afternoon classes. I would suggest getting a huge 5 subject notebook for all your notes. Do not purchase 80 different composition books and all that extra stuff until you get to class on your first day and know exactly what you need.

Is it true that all athletes are players?
Athletes are just normal people who are talented in the area of sports. While some can be obnoxiously arrogant, a lot of us are just in love with the game and want to support our school by participating in athletics. 

How do I find my own crowd?
Branch out and be open to those around you. It may be scary that all your middle school friends aren't in the same classes or even school as you. Don't hide in your notebook all day and think that you are going to make friends. Make conversation and talk to people around you. Join into your conversations of your classmates.  If you keep making conversation every day, eventually you will become friends and be able to find new friends through that one friend. Be open to anyone because who knows the person you are bipolar opposites of in your Physics class might become your best friend! 

What should I wear to football games?
Show some school pride and wear some of your school colors. Don't think too much of what you are going to wear. Fact is: no one really cares. You can wear anything from t-shirts with athletic shorts to cute blouses and jeans. 

Is it true high school will be filled with the most drama ever?
I would say I have had less drama in high school. It was actually quite a relief taking a break from all that middle school drama. As long as you hang out in the right crowd and right people, you will won't experience a lot of drama. 

What do you consider the 'High School Experience'?
I would consider the 'High School Experience' as finding out who you are, where you belong, and what you want to do in the future. In high school, you really start discovering yourself and your talents. Don't take high school for granted, because they will be some of your most memorable memories. Try out different clubs and take part in school spirit campaigns. Be involved!  Taking chances and trying out new things is what the whole 'High School Experience' is suppose to be like. 

If an upperclassman hangs with me, do they really like me, or are they messing with me?
An upperclassman is not going to go out of his/her way just to mess with you. If they do, they seriously have no life. If an upperclassman wants to be friends with you, then don't overthink the possibility that this is just the prank. It just means that they really like you and want to know you more! That's a good thing! 

Does high school parties really look like the ones in movies?
Again, I go to a very small school that is private, Christian. We didn't really have a ton of parties. The parties in movies contain a lot of beer, alcohol, and hormonal teens. Honestly, it just depends on who's party and group of friends you attend. I wouldn't see parties are like the movies at all. While there is dancing, it is all just for fun and like a huge hangout with all your friends. 

Are you able to go to homecoming each year?
I believe in public school homecoming is different from mine. Mine was just a ceremony, so I really can't answer this question. 

how to maintain a healthy relationship with friends and boyfriend/girlfriend?
Before even starting relationships, you need to prioritize your time. If the time isn't right and you just began a relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then you really shouldn't be in that relationship even if you do really like them. If they really do like you, they will wait until the time is right. If the time is right and you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your friend or boyfriend/girlfriend, then when they are with you, be present. Being present during a relationship means putting down that phone and start a real conversation with them. Conversations are so important! They show that you really want to have this relationship, and you are trying. If you are just hanging out all the time and not really conversing, then how do you get to know that person more. There is only so little space in their Instagram bio that you can learn from. Really be present in your relationship , and you can make it work! 

What was high school like for you?
I am still in high school and actually will be a rising sophomore this year. I will be switching to online school though. Last year, high school was much more free and open then all my other years. You are more reliable, and teachers want to trust you! I tried to be as active as I could with my school's sports and outside events. Through sports, I was able to work with a lot of the upperclassmen so was fairly aquatinted with them. In my first semester, I had to get use to the more difficult work with all my honors classes and then balancing them out with sports. But like I said, I used my time as wisely as I could. I made a lot of new friends and really did not make any enemies at all! Less enemies, more friends is my motto. Freshman year wasn't bad at all, and it only gets better! 

A little more advice:
Hey, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the answers to all your questions above. I wanted to provide you all with more advice. 
Join a crowd that you are comfortable with. Don't just join them, because they are super popular. Popularity doesn't matter, at all. It won't matter now and won't matter in 10 years. Make friends with people you can openly be yourself with and have fun with! 
Do not make the mistake of creating petty drama over something as small as someone talking behind your back or being rude to you. Kids can be mean, and it's not something we can change ourselves. Don't get worked up over something gossiping about you. Don't go over to your friends and gossip about them. If you do that, a whole chain will start and for the whole school year it will just be awkward between the two. Just brush off that petty gossiper and go about your business!
I hope this helped you all out! Welcome to high school! Enjoy every moment!

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