Enfiniti's Fall Lusts + Reasons to Love Fall

Oh fall, you've finally come through! I have been waiting for this to come since the 4th of July! So it's getting a little chilly outside, and I thank God for it because fall is just the best season, why well I'll explain that soon. But every season there's something or some things you want to start a new season, correct. Well I'm like that so I've went through the things I want to start off a new season, here it is below:

Now 16 Reasons to Love Fall:
  1. Cooler Weather, so no more blasting of AC!
  2. Sweaters, Sweaters, and more Sweaters
  3. Riding Boots, Uggs, Ballet Flats, and Boot Socks,
  4. Scarves
  5. Scenery
  6. Hot Chocolate and Hot Drinks
  7. Pumpkin Flavored Food and Drinks
  8. Cozy/Snuggling Weather
  9. Fireplace
  11. Oh, and we can't forget Halloween and Thanksgiving
  12. Cute fall decorations
  13. Corn Mazes and Hay Rides
  14. Pumpkin Carving and Picking
  15. Fall Scents from Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works
  16. Oh, I almost forgot HALLOWEENTOWN and CASPER!

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