Southern Proper for Fall: Hanna Plaid Brooks Popover

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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So if you didn't already know, but Southern Proper has launched an all knew fall collection for women! So not only do they do tees and sunglasses, they now do dresses, popovers, fleeces, etc. They were also kind enough to let me try out three products that I have fallen absolutley in love with, and I encourage you all to go buy something from the fall collection!

So my favorite product I received is the Hanna Plaid Brooks Popover, which I can't lie I'm so in love with. It's super soft and the plaid pattern is simple and cute, and did I mention it was super soft! The collar to the pop overs are to die for! Their scalloped... It was honestly love at first sight. I love the scalloped look cause it gives off the fun and playful look instead of the plain and simple like other popovers,(I still love classic popovers by the way).  The quality is also amazing and they are thick enough to keep you warm during this amazingly chilly weather. 

So I wore the Hanna Plaid Brooks Popover Sunday for church, and I topped it with a light brown vest, pearl tassel necklace, a couple of pearl bracelets, a pair of jeans, and my Sperry's. The outfit was comfortable, cute, and simple. And well I fell in love with it! So here are some picture from Sunday...

For the Hanna Plaid Brooks Popover click HERE.

For the whole Southern Proper Women's Collection click HERE.

Jeans (Aeropostale)/ Shoes (Sperry)/ Necklace (borrowed from mom)/ Vest ( Out of Stock).

Again a big thanks to Southern Proper and your team for making this happen... more post to come on the other products! Stay tuned!


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