New Years Playlist + My Year in Music

So the New Year is coming up which means... a playlist duh. No matter what you plan on doing for New Year's lets face it you need a playlist. So I came up with a playlist with some of my favorite party songs to give y'all some ideas for your own New Year's playlist. I do mix up genres in the playlist because honestly I listen to any type of music except like rock and metal. But I'm warning you now there is A LOT of EDM, house, and dance so if those genres aren't you, well thus playlist might not be for you. So below I provided you with my New Years playlist: 


So Spotify did the Year In Music, where you can go back and look at all the music you streamed the most this year which I thought was pretty interesting. I thought this was interesting because well if you know me you'd know that I LOVE music, It's how I get through the day, stay focused, and how I go to sleep ( go ahead and laugh). But music is a part of me, I'm always humming, dancing, tapping, looking up new beats and songs. And when holiday season comes around, everyone in my house knows it's Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Cosby, and Dean Martin until February!
So enough said I'm a music fanatic, and below I have provided my year in music from Spotify:

Top Artist of 2015:
  • Beyonce
  • G-Eazy
  • Rihanna
  • Lana del Rey
  • Luke Bryan
Top Albums of 2015:
  • BEYONCE (Platinum Edition) - Beyonce
  • These Things Happen- G- Eazy
  • Montevallo - Sam Hunt * I love this album so so much! Breakup In a Small Town is my favorite song off the album.*
  • Queen of the Clouds - Tove Lo
  • Born to Die- Lana del Rey
Top Tracks of 2015:
  • Trampoline - Kalin & Myles
  • Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
  • To Know Your Name - Hillsong 
  • Bed Peace - Jhene Aiko
  • Let's Get Lost - G - Eazy
Top Genres:
  • Pop
  • Indie R&B
  • Dance Pop
  • Trap Music
  • Pop Rap
I listen to 335 different artist and a total of 703 tracks. I started the year with lots of Rihanna, Beyonce, and Lana del Rey. I ended with lots of G- Eazy, Luke Bryan, and Drake.

So that's my New Years playlist and my year in music. Be sure to check out your Year in Music and tell me your results!
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Top 5 Favorite Blog Post of 2015

So the New Year is right around the corner so I thought I might share my favorite blog posts of 2015 with you guys. As far as blogging 2015 has been extremely important to me, it's the year I first started blogging and I learned a lot and achieved a lot as well so it's again fairly special to me... but moving along. I've been wanting to do this post forever and I'm super stocked. There's been so many post I've enjoyed doing and I can't wait to share them with you all. I'm not going to lie it was hard to choose five but I managed and here are my top five post of 2015:
1. Southern Proper for Fall: Hanna Brooks Plaid Popover:
This post was my favorite ever because it was my first promotion and also I just love the pictures :)! But teaming up with Southern Proper was extremly fun and their workers are so nice and I honestly loved the items they sent over it was a pleasure working with them!

This is my second favorite because it's was my first blog post and first collaboration with a different blogger and she is super sweet and gave me other tips for my blog as well. Her answers are super fun and helpful and I loved working with her and plan on doing it again sometime soon.

This link-up was so fun and I enjoyed creating the blog post so much. I also loved linking up with Cathleen, Rachel, Cristina, and many more bloggers and seeing the different post and helpful links for the holidays!
4. Interview with Lauren for Daily Dose of Charm
This is by far my favorite interview ever! Lauren is so fun and free spirited and truthful it's amazing. She's also extremely helpful and nice and great with advice. If you check out her tumblr she answers people problems and she's super good at giving advice it's amazing. Also her instagram feed is so awesome! I also love that she's super down to earth!

When my best friend/photographer asked me to shout her on the blog I was more than delighted to and it was fun helping her promote herself and her love for photography. I personally love her photography and highly recommend others to take a look at her photos, she's really good at what she does. 

So those were my top five favorite posts of 2015! What were some posts you enjoyed?

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Your Guide to Goal Setting + Blog Goals for 2016

In 4  days it will be 2016, which means new goals and a new you. Everyone has something about them they either want to better/change, improve, or either just leave in 2015. So each year we all set goals which we plan to achieve but usually don't. So I'm here to provide you with a 3 step guide to goal setting for 2016 so you actually achieve your goals this year!
So you first want to create a picture or vision in a essence. Create in your mind what you want to happen and then break it up into small portions and then work everyday or every week on that portion.
Step by Step:
1// Set your lifetime/main goal(s): This could be anything from you as a person, your career, family, etc. Actually sit down and reflect over your life in 2015 and decide your goal for yourself.
2// Set smaller goals: Create a goal to achieve every week, month, 2 months, any way you want but create a to-do list to do every month, week, however to achieve to lead up to your big goal.
3// Stay focused: Once you have your small goals plan, keep up with them in an agenda, notebook, planner on your phone, etc. 
 Few Tips:
~ Be Positive:  Be your own cheerleader, reward yourself after you achieve one goal. Keep positive quotes on your phone and jot quotes on sticky notes and sticky them on your mirror or desk.
~ Prioritize your goals:  Put your goals in order to how important they are to you and go from most important to less important.
* Your goal can be 6 months or 5 years from now! A goal is a goal!!!*
A Touch of Enfiniti's Blog Goals
1// Get my own domain
2// Collaborate with more bloggers from NC
3// Collaborate with Carly from TCP... again
4// Get a photographer, someone that's not my little sister
5// Be more interactive with social media
6// Play around with catergories

So here's how your 3 step guide to goal setting and the blog's goals for 2016! Any tips you want to add? Any goals yourself? 
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Christmas Recap 2015

Merry late Christmas! I hope you all had a Merry + Bright day and that it was filled with nothing but joy! So I decided to do a post on what my Christmas day looked like!

Well on Christmas Eve, we went to my uncle's to open presents since he had to work Christmas Day,
I really loved these lights that my uncle put up, and I really don't know why!

So I stayed up until 12 am to post on snapchat and instagram saying Merry Christmas... then well I went to sleep. So around 6:50-ish my grandma rounds everyone up and we open presents, then we enjoyed a light breakfast. My grandma cooked, we got ready for dinner at my aunt's, we went to my aunt's and received more presents and ate dinner with our whole family. We met with other relatives and laughed and had a great time and it was pretty enjoyable and fun to have everyone home and together.

So for my outfit I did not use any of my Merry + Bright ideas I had in my head to do lol, but I did come up with something pretty cute and comfortable.
I did a cute bohemian top and jeggings and ankle boots... something simple but still cute.
I loved my aunt's tree so much! It's as tall as me and LIT!

 North Carolina was so muddy and blah this year, that it almost kind of didn't feel like Christmas... but it was!!!

* Shirt out of stock*

I received some really great presents and I am extremley grateful for them and they made me so happy I can't even explain, because honestly most of it was for blogging, so here's what I got.

1// Vineyard Vines Fleece Jacket

2// Kate Spade Pencil Pouch

3// Kate Spade Journal

4// Kate Spade Earbuds

 These earbuds are so cute and timeless!

5// My Favorite Holiday Scent: Vanilla Noel Bean
 Because Vanilla Noel Bean is so warm and comforting!

6// Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler

7// Lilly Pulitzer Agenda
Okay so I needed this more for blogging than school because well I suck at keeping up with stuff! So when I saw this a wave of relief washed over me because it's like a visual stress relief!

 She She Shells is my favorite print along with First Impression if you didn't know! ;)

My favorite Lilly quote ever!

 8// $50 Gift Card to Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic
Love at first sight!

Other stuff I received:
* A $10 Starbucks Gift Card ( My new best friend).
* Navy Blue pea-coat
*a red & a black vest
* 4 pair of leggings
* a pair of flannel leggings
* favorite movies ( Duff, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, and Insurgent) 
* Monogram Camelbak
*Black Riding Boots

* Shop Gifts Below*

So that's what I received, so since I'm doing a Christmas Recap I wanted to list my top five favorite Christmas songs because honestly I probably won't stop playing them til around February!

1// Let it Snow- Frank Sinatra
2// Winter Wonderland- Bing Cosby
3// Jingle Bell Rock- Brenda Lee
4// Baby, It's Cold Outside- Dean Martin
5// Frosty the Snowman- Ella Fitzgerald

What was your favorite moments of Christmas? Favorite Christmas songs? And what did you get?

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Merry + Bright Holiday Link: Christmas Outfit Inspiration

So  Cathleen, Rachel, and Cristina have teamed up and created the Merry + Bright link up, which I couldn't be more happier to participate in, where we bloggers just share something Merry + Bright about the holidays with you guys. So for my Merry + Bright I decided to do 5 Christmas Outfit Inspirations that have been in my mind that I thought I'd share with y'all.

Christmas Outfit Idea 1

A simple jeans and sweater combo, along with riding boots and tortoise and the green vest adds a pop of color aside from the neutral colors.

Christmas Outfit Idea 2: Pop of Red

This dress and scarf combo is perfect for Christmas Day. It's not to dressy and it's comfortable and great combo if you travel to different houses. Keeping it monochromatic with a pop of red for Christmas is super stylish and easy to put together.
Christmas Outfit Idea 3

Christmas Outfit Idea 3 
This is extremley perfect for anybody. The leggings, chambray top, and vest are a perfect go to and it's comfortable and you can mix any color in with chambray, like maybe you want to do green instead of red. The necklace was just something that caught my eye so I had to throw it in.
Christmas Outfit Idea 4

So simple! It's a go to outfit for any day (in the winter) if you ask me! The elf hat and earrings adds a more festive touch and great for if you have younger kids in the family to entertain, reindeer ears work too ;).
Christmas Outfit Idea 5

Tartan is super cute and easy to style and over-sized sweater are cute and comfy! Honestly my favorite part of this outfit is the hat!

Hope this helps you with your last minute Christmas outfits! Have a Merry + Bright Christmas!
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Winter Break Bucketlist

So every winter break literally EVERY winter break, I'm so excited to get out of school, but when it happens I find myself at home for two weeks in bed doing nothing, except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Last year I even spent New Years babysitting. So this winter break I want things to be completely different and here are my plans.

What's your plans for Christmas Break?!
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Lydia Ramsdell Photography

Need a photographer for the holiday season or New Year's? Or maybe you just need a photographer in general! Well I have a little surprise for you. One of my close friends Lydia is an aspiring photographer in the area who is great with a camera. She's done photo-shoots for others and herself and they all are amazing and her work will blow your mind. So I have teamed up with her to give you guys a little insight about her and her work.
When did you discover your passion for photography?
I discovered my passion for photography when I was about 13, I was with my friend Sara Lillie, who has been teaching and coaching me for a while. We were outside and I was modeling for one of her shoots and she let me take a few pictures on her camera, and I remember really loving it.

How has photography impacted you as a person?
Photography has impacted me as a person in a way I didn't expect. I love seeing the reactions of people when they view the pictures I have taken, as well as that I am aware of the ability I have to capture a moment and keep it forever, just incase my brain fails me. It also provides a source of income for me, since I am still to young to have an actual job. If people want pictures taken they can hire me, and pay me a flat rate. 

What are your favorite things/moments to capture?
My favorite things to photograph would be people smiling, city skylines, small details of my city (Raleigh North Carolina), and flowers. I also take pictures of people who need photographs for their websites and careers such as musical artists, models and actors, and other photographers. 

What about photography inspires you?
The one main thing that inspires me about photography is that somewhere sometime somebody though of the idea of capturing a moment and keeping it forever. Nowadays everything is digital and done on computers. I am currently learning how to develop pictures using a darkroom and prints. I love that I am capable of capturing moments and keeping them, as well as making people happy with the pictures I take. 

How do your plan on carrying out photography in the future?
In the future I hope to be able to develop my photography into a career with a building, a darkroom, and a studio. I hope that I will be able to study at NYU, and major in photography and minor in business. I hope that this will give me a stable source of income so I can support my future family, and make sure my kids are happy. 
Below are some of her favorite shots:

Be sure to check out her portfolio:  https://www.behance.net/lydiaramsdell 
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lydiarphotography
Tis the season!
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