Countdown to Christmas// Friday Fives: The Finals Edition

Friday, December 11, 2015

So when I come back to school and after Monday it will officially be exams for me and honestly the only thing that's going to keep me is the fact that next week will also be my last week of school before Christmas Break!!! Studying for exams have been super stressful and I will not lie the past 3 weeks have been the worst weeks ever, never had so much work!! So below I listed a few helpful links for all the finals/exams.

• Check out Sammy from Preptista Final Study Tips their super helpful and I have it bookmarked for future use and so should you.
• Her Campus Final Week Told by Old Disney Channel is accurate, funny, and brings back old memories of Disney, by far my favorite.
• Snacking & Studying with Emma as she shares some nutrition bars great for finals week, and I just might go try them myself and so should you.
• Food to power you through finals article by Her Campus is my go to. What you eat really affects you so be mindful! and check out this article.
Okay enough with Finals... 
• Her Campis Holiday Gift Guide has everything you need for him, her and more. Check out the holiday gift guide for presents that will spread smiles among your family and friends faces.
• Caroline from Citurs & Style and Frannie from The Blonde Prep have started the Merry & Bright Series for the holidays and I'm so in love with it. My favorite post is their favorite holiday traditions which you can find here: Caroline Favorite Tradition   and Frannie Favorite Tradition
Happy Finals! Til next time y'all!
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