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Monday, December 21, 2015

Need a photographer for the holiday season or New Year's? Or maybe you just need a photographer in general! Well I have a little surprise for you. One of my close friends Lydia is an aspiring photographer in the area who is great with a camera. She's done photo-shoots for others and herself and they all are amazing and her work will blow your mind. So I have teamed up with her to give you guys a little insight about her and her work.
When did you discover your passion for photography?
I discovered my passion for photography when I was about 13, I was with my friend Sara Lillie, who has been teaching and coaching me for a while. We were outside and I was modeling for one of her shoots and she let me take a few pictures on her camera, and I remember really loving it.

How has photography impacted you as a person?
Photography has impacted me as a person in a way I didn't expect. I love seeing the reactions of people when they view the pictures I have taken, as well as that I am aware of the ability I have to capture a moment and keep it forever, just incase my brain fails me. It also provides a source of income for me, since I am still to young to have an actual job. If people want pictures taken they can hire me, and pay me a flat rate. 

What are your favorite things/moments to capture?
My favorite things to photograph would be people smiling, city skylines, small details of my city (Raleigh North Carolina), and flowers. I also take pictures of people who need photographs for their websites and careers such as musical artists, models and actors, and other photographers. 

What about photography inspires you?
The one main thing that inspires me about photography is that somewhere sometime somebody though of the idea of capturing a moment and keeping it forever. Nowadays everything is digital and done on computers. I am currently learning how to develop pictures using a darkroom and prints. I love that I am capable of capturing moments and keeping them, as well as making people happy with the pictures I take. 

How do your plan on carrying out photography in the future?
In the future I hope to be able to develop my photography into a career with a building, a darkroom, and a studio. I hope that I will be able to study at NYU, and major in photography and minor in business. I hope that this will give me a stable source of income so I can support my future family, and make sure my kids are happy. 
Below are some of her favorite shots:

Be sure to check out her portfolio: 
Tis the season!
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