Top 5 Favorite Blog Post of 2015

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

So the New Year is right around the corner so I thought I might share my favorite blog posts of 2015 with you guys. As far as blogging 2015 has been extremely important to me, it's the year I first started blogging and I learned a lot and achieved a lot as well so it's again fairly special to me... but moving along. I've been wanting to do this post forever and I'm super stocked. There's been so many post I've enjoyed doing and I can't wait to share them with you all. I'm not going to lie it was hard to choose five but I managed and here are my top five post of 2015:
1. Southern Proper for Fall: Hanna Brooks Plaid Popover:
This post was my favorite ever because it was my first promotion and also I just love the pictures :)! But teaming up with Southern Proper was extremly fun and their workers are so nice and I honestly loved the items they sent over it was a pleasure working with them!

This is my second favorite because it's was my first blog post and first collaboration with a different blogger and she is super sweet and gave me other tips for my blog as well. Her answers are super fun and helpful and I loved working with her and plan on doing it again sometime soon.

This link-up was so fun and I enjoyed creating the blog post so much. I also loved linking up with Cathleen, Rachel, Cristina, and many more bloggers and seeing the different post and helpful links for the holidays!
4. Interview with Lauren for Daily Dose of Charm
This is by far my favorite interview ever! Lauren is so fun and free spirited and truthful it's amazing. She's also extremely helpful and nice and great with advice. If you check out her tumblr she answers people problems and she's super good at giving advice it's amazing. Also her instagram feed is so awesome! I also love that she's super down to earth!

When my best friend/photographer asked me to shout her on the blog I was more than delighted to and it was fun helping her promote herself and her love for photography. I personally love her photography and highly recommend others to take a look at her photos, she's really good at what she does. 

So those were my top five favorite posts of 2015! What were some posts you enjoyed?

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