Your Guide to Goal Setting + Blog Goals for 2016

In 4  days it will be 2016, which means new goals and a new you. Everyone has something about them they either want to better/change, improve, or either just leave in 2015. So each year we all set goals which we plan to achieve but usually don't. So I'm here to provide you with a 3 step guide to goal setting for 2016 so you actually achieve your goals this year!
So you first want to create a picture or vision in a essence. Create in your mind what you want to happen and then break it up into small portions and then work everyday or every week on that portion.
Step by Step:
1// Set your lifetime/main goal(s): This could be anything from you as a person, your career, family, etc. Actually sit down and reflect over your life in 2015 and decide your goal for yourself.
2// Set smaller goals: Create a goal to achieve every week, month, 2 months, any way you want but create a to-do list to do every month, week, however to achieve to lead up to your big goal.
3// Stay focused: Once you have your small goals plan, keep up with them in an agenda, notebook, planner on your phone, etc. 
 Few Tips:
~ Be Positive:  Be your own cheerleader, reward yourself after you achieve one goal. Keep positive quotes on your phone and jot quotes on sticky notes and sticky them on your mirror or desk.
~ Prioritize your goals:  Put your goals in order to how important they are to you and go from most important to less important.
* Your goal can be 6 months or 5 years from now! A goal is a goal!!!*
A Touch of Enfiniti's Blog Goals
1// Get my own domain
2// Collaborate with more bloggers from NC
3// Collaborate with Carly from TCP... again
4// Get a photographer, someone that's not my little sister
5// Be more interactive with social media
6// Play around with catergories

So here's how your 3 step guide to goal setting and the blog's goals for 2016! Any tips you want to add? Any goals yourself? 
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