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Thursday, January 28, 2016

So lately I've been getting back into actually sitting down and reading. I've always been a reader, I love reading a lot, it's like my favorite thing in the world... There's nothing better than losing yourself in a book. So in the past week I have finished two books that are absolutely amazing, so I had to share them with you guys. I will worn you know I'm addicted to drama filled, hopeless romantic teen, chic-lit books... So if that's not you, then I wouldn't recommend the following to you.

1. To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

So Jenny Han is absolutely my favorite author along with James Patterson, Sara Sheppard, and Joanna Philbin. I love every book I've read by her and still in the process of reading some. But this book is about Lara Jean who wrote love letters to five guys she loved in middle school, and she keeps them in a hat box. One day the letters get sent out and Lara Jean is forced to face three of them, one being her older sister, Margot's, boyfriend, Josh. In order to avoid confusion and conflict with her sister and losing her Josh as a friend, Lara Jean starts to fake date Peter K., another guy she loved before. In this fake relationship Lara Jean start realizing a lot of things, and turns out that everything is not what she thought it was. She ends up falling in love, getting hurt, and uncovering secrets that made her naive. 

2. Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaiporta & Dhonielle Clayton
Two words. Ballet. Drama. I'm head over heels with this book and here's why. So there's three top dancers at the school; Bette ( who is a legacy), June ( who is extremely tiny and graceful, but always an understudy), and Gigi ( who moved from California, and was just really good, always landing lead roles & has a health condition that she's trying to hide). Bette and June will do whatever it takes to become Prima Ballerina, whatever it takes to be on top, and whatever it takes to have the guy. Gigi is blinded by all the drama, until she is targeted for her talent and roles, and soon ends up in the hospital. There's also Will, who you won't read his perspective of the story, who is in love with another male dancer and knows things that Bette did to get her kicked out of company for good, as well as few charges. Same goes for Henry. From glass in pointe shoes to seducing the director for a spot, this book will have you on edge.

Hope you enjoy!


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