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Monday, January 04, 2016

So today for the blog I interviewed a local from NC, Maggie from Maggie Royce. Her blog is super amazing and if you haven't checked her out you should because it's also very inspiring. Maggie has a really loving and down to earth spirit about her based from her answers and blog, and I just really love her blog and her instagram, her instagram is amazing so also check that out. So below I've provided you with an interview with Maggie from Maggie Royce.

How would you describe yourself and personality?
Hi, my name is Maggie Royce a high schooler from NC. I love super nerdy dance parties and finding new books to read. I have a huge sweet tooth and love baking different goodies for friends and family. On the weekends I help to teach cotillion classes which are ballroom dance and etiquette. My Netflix show of choice is Parks & Rec but I am a sucker for any cheesy romantic comedy movie. All around I’m a very optimistic person who loves puns and making others smile. 

 When did you start blogging and why?
I began blogging the summer my family moved to North Carolina and I was in the third grade. Then I didn’t really have any friends because I was new and I’d always loved writing stories so my dad set up a blog for me (and blogging wasn’t nearly was big as it is now) & I have been going ever since. It’s evolved throughout the years but is still the same girl writing and I love having a space for others to read what I’ve written.

How has blogging impacted you as a person?
I truly couldn’t imagine my life without blogging. Because I have been writing for so long it seems so natural to me to just sit down and type out a 400 word post. Thanks to the internet I’ve been able to travel, speak at events and some of my best friends are friends I’ve met through blogging. In addition to that I have had the ability to grow as a writer, as writing is a real love in my life, learning and growing with all of it on the internet.
My favorite blog posts to write are the super wordy posts where I’m just spilling my thoughts out on to the keyboard and those actually end up being some of my most popular. When I am real and vulnerable I’ve received emails, texts, messages and tweets from people around the world telling me how the different writing impacted them and that’s really crazy & amazing to hear as a fifteen year old girl.

How do you maintain a successful blog?
I’ve been blogging since 2009, so for almost half of my life which is crazy. The biggest piece of advice for any blogger is to not do it for anything else other than a true love of writing/photography. Constantly I see girls conforming and trying to gain followers by being incredibly fake & it kills me. I’ve learned to take breaks from blogging when I don’t love it, like I did towards the end of last year. This past summer I was pretty much only blogging so when high school began in the fall I couldn’t prioritize everything and lost a love for blogging. I didn’t blog for awhile as sad as that was but I’m glad I didn’t. In that time I wrote a book with the help of NaNoWriMo, an experience I highly recommend and really enjoyed my time embracing high school (won homecoming princess!). Now have a new love for blogging getting back into it which is exciting and fun.

What are your go to resources for blogging?
I’m not sure if I have “resources” per se but I’m always looking for guidance or new ideas on Pinterest. I also rely on my mom and best friends, they all read different blogs and are my go-to when I’m working on any kind of project for different thoughts.

What blog do you highly recommend for others?
One of my favorites is The Peanut Butter Lover ( written by a really good blog friend Katharine. While her blog is not a “fashion” blog and our styles are completely different her blog is by far one of my favorites I’ve ever read. She gives a down to earth, real and authentic look on life and her adventurous instagrams/tweets are so inspiring!

What is your inspiration in life?
I think my inspiration and motivation comes from my faith which is my backbone.
(this question was really difficult sorry) 

What's your aspiration in life?
I’d love to do whatever makes me happy. It’s hard to predict what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life at age 15 but I can assume writing has something to do with it. 

What would you consider your style?
When describing my style I tend to not like using the word “preppy” as “preppy” has easily became associated with the southern look of tee shirts, nike shorts which I do love but it doesn’t describe ME. My style is very classic but still youthful and feminine. I primarily shop at thrift stores so my style is reflective of that. I do occasionally love some trendier items but stick to bright colors of pieces I’ll wear forever.

What are your top five favorite items in your closet?
  1. One of my all time favorite pieces is a patchwork brightly colored Brooks Brothers blazer. I bought it at a thrift store for $15 and it screams warm weather. I love wearing it with skirts and wedges for different events come spring time and North Carolina’s weather can be moody so it’s perfect.
  2. As I was on my school’s homecoming court I had to get a long dress to wear for crowning. Because I don’t have that many formal events to attend I found a brightly patterned Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress at a thrift store that was absolutely spot on for the event. It was incredibly youthful and different, making me feel even more like a princess.
  3. When I received my first paycheck a year ago I was so excited and had saved up previously earning it that I decided to spend it on a pink Kate Spade bag I had been drooling over for three years. It was at Nordstrom rack over half off and it is still my baby to this day. I don’t bring it all the time but it’s the perfect size to hold my DSLR or to carry notebooks in.
  4. My mom purchased my glittery gold tulle skirt on a whim from Boden a year or so ago and it is one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe. It’s super easy to dress up for big events but still relaxed to wear for school presentations & all around makes me feel like a princess.
  5. I know I’ve said it a ton but thrift shopping is my love, I found a vintage two piece red and white floral outfit for $2 and it is so chic. It is a not short crop top and high waisted pants with beautiful fabric buttons down the back. I wore it for the fourth of July this year and it is absolutely beautiful. 

What can you not leave the house without?
Quite simply my phone, it goes everywhere with me regardless. Also I absolutely cannot forget a protein bar, the Quest brand is my favorite because I cannot focus at all if I don’t eat! 

What’s one thing you want to do before you leave this world 
I would love to definitely go on a few mission trips to countries or work with some ministry before I die. Currently right now mentorship with younger girls is a huge love of mine so hopefully continue on with that. 

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PSST... This our first blog collaboration of 2016!!!!
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