Friday Fives

Friday, January 29, 2016

So I now I have been a little MIA blogging this week, but I had to share with you guys my Friday Fives. This week I have literally just been busy and well reading but I do have things in store for the blog. 
1// Abby from Belle of the Ball's Rainy Day Outfit. I absolutely love the rain jacket and belt she wears, and the combo overall all is amazing. #rainydayfashioninspo
2// Yesterday on I reviewed two of my current favorite books, and you guys should go check it out and maybe read the books yourselves. 
3// Carly from The College Prepster's Wardrobe Staples! It has all the basic closet items for any go-to outfit or an everyday essential. 
4//  So I just found this out, but Isabella from Yep It's Prep, has teamed up with KJP and created Camp YIP, which helps raise money for the Little Star Foundation. I think it's absolutely amazing and aspiring and you should go check it out and donate or purchase a sticker while you're at it.
5//  So last Thursday I was snowed in until Tuesday, and I was bored out of my mind so, I got in bed and started binge reading TSM ( Total Sorority Move) columns, and I laughed so freaking hard. I can't relate to them all but them all but there were a few I had to admit to; 41 things I'm supposed to hate, and things all girls are obsessed with.

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