Blog Anniversary: What I Learned & Blogging Goals

Today marks the day that A Touch of Enfiniti is one years old! I can say it has been a difficult journey. I'm so excited for this accomplishment I made for myself and thankful for all of you guys that's made this possible. Especially other bloggers. I have learned so much from blogging and I'm quite sure more lessons to come. Since the blog is one, I designed a new template, about page, and more for the blog!I also started a newsletter and printable which should go out by the end of today! Anyways,  I decided to share my lessons, favorite moments and some goals with you all. 
  •  HTML coding: I have become very tech savvy ever since blogging. From designing templates and customizing CSS. I have had thousand of headaches and meltdowns whenever I'm coding and something doesn't go right or my friend, Google, and I aren't getting along.
  • What I wanted to be in life: Before blogging I was all Pre-Law or Pre-Med and Ivy League. I always liked writing but never took in actually blogging. After I started blogging, I noticed how much I loved journalism and helping others, as well as fashion. I had always be up to par on fashion but after blogging, I realized how I actually wanted to make it a career if that makes sense. Marketing/PR, I love marketing and PR. I actually want some sort of career in it, after blogging and contacting companies and working with Southern Proper, I realized how much I LOVE marketing & public relations.
  • Email Etiquette: Emailing has become part of my daily life. I used to just use my email for sales and homework. Now I use it everyday for promotions, collaborations, make sure my newsletters are working, contacting brands, etc. I literally check my email 3x a day and each time there is something that needs a response.
  • Create a relationship with other bloggers: When I started blogging I had no idea how to communicate with other bloggers. After a few months I got it. I also had no idea what I was doing, but after working with Carly and Lauren, I was on a roll. Lauren has given amazing advice and inspiration in blogging, school, and life. She's absolutely amazing. Cathleen is another one of my go to's for blogging help and all. Her blog gives amazing advice and she's the sweetest. As well as Mikayla, she's gives amazing advice and her blog is lovely! I have also loved working with all the other bloggers I've worked with and they are all so amazing and I love working with them so much. Creating relationships with other bloggers helps in so many different ways. From advice, to encouragement (because blogging is hard), to just laugh and communicate/chat with others who share the same love for blogging is pretty awesome! Plus it's great for SEO!
  • Your blog expresses you: When I first started blogging, I was doing post based off of blogs I read. They didn't get views or anything and nor were they as popular. So I started allowing my blog to reflect me and shared moments of my life and actually connecting with my readers, and I seen an increasing difference. When you are honest and truthful and just being you, you'd be surprised at the reactions you get back. When I share my story on self-image, I got so many emails from different girls and how they were relatable, it was a great feeling to know I helped someone. Letting your blog reflect you and relating to your readers is extremely important and it's just also good to help someone or just say #relatable.
  • Time-Management and Planning: You cannot not blog without planning or managing your time. I cannot tell you how many times I've tried writing a post the day of as well as make collages. It's a total headache. Or when you wait forever to blog and catch bloggers block. Yeah horrible. I plan ahead of time ( a week or two) and set up times. I also started scheduling post and posting 2-3 days a week, writing posts ahead of time and then scheduling them. If not you have a total mess, especially if you are working with another blogger or a company.

Blogging Goals:
  • Hit 1K on Instagram and Tumblr
  • More relatable content
  • Consistent blog schedule
  • Start a Tuesday Talk series and a weekly devotion
  • FREEBIES for the readers
  • Design blog templates
  • My own domain
- A few things I do enjoy about blogging is making my friends and family take thousands if pictures of me until I get the perfect shots, or going shopping and making sure it's Instagram worthy! Oh don't forget to take a OOTD picture & a picture of your food, and while your at the park, or the museum, etc. haha!

Thank you guys all so much for a wonderful year and many more to come and if there is any suggestions you have or ways I can make the blog better please contact and let me know!

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