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Monday, May 23, 2016

I haven't been posting lately because I've been trying to promote the new blog series and  finding a summer job since this week is the last week of school. Then I have finals the week following. But I have been reading lots of other blogs and website and thought I should share some links I'm currently.
Cathleen talks about Autism
{this post hits home if you know someone w/ autism}
Caroline's graduation recap

Fran styles a denim skirt
Samantha shares favorite makeup items
Meg's coffee date outfit
Carly shares tips for being well-rested
GirlDefined shares 10 ways to have fun and be single
Jordan explains what to do with your dreams
A Lovely Calling writes about patience in hard times
New blog series + Haley & the Hound giveaway
Emma goes to formal
I am in love with Amy's outfit
Billboard Recap
Beautiful Wedding in South Africa
10 best dressed by Vogue
Happy Monday!
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