Modest for Spring Lookbook

I was never a fan of showing off skin and all, but I also wasn't a fan of the whole modest look. Reason being is because whenever I heard the word modest, I thought of covering body head to toe. I like shorts and certain sleeveless tops so I always pushed modest off. But I was never one to show cleavage or wear something provocative. So after doing research and reading a few books, I guess I was somewhat modest all along. With that being said I have come up with a few looks for the springtime including some beach trip ideas!
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Swimsuit Splurge
cover up splurge
If you are like me, I use tanks and t-shirts I already have as cover-ups for the beach. If I wear a two piece I wear a long t-shirt or swing dress, and if I go for the one piece, I just throw on some shorts. I really love these spring outfits and color schemes, and I'm constantly on Polyvore, there'way more than this. I hope this helped and that you guys like these suggestions as much as I do! Happy Spring! {Below are the links for my favorites}

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