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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

tee| sunglasses| dress 1| romper| chino shorts| shorts| Lilly Pulitzer set| tumbler| bikini scallop top| bikini halter top| ruffled bikini bottom| swan float| crossbody bag | pouch| chacos| bralette| workout shorts| fitbit
For summer this year I'm really into soft colors and seersucker. I've always liked my swimsuits black, it's just a thing I have and I love black dresses with a passion so. So I totally forgot to include Swan float and Chacos in here but trust me they are on the list.  My favorite stores to shop at this time of the year are Old Navy, H&M, Belk, ASOS, and Topshop. During summer I also like to branch out into my more of hipster trendy style and mix it with prep, as well as trying to throw in some '60s and '70s. No better time to explore with fashion than summer if you ask me.

This summer my goal is to actually workout more and be active since I wasn't last summer. And so investing money into workout clothing is a must and I really love Nike's Dri-Drift shorts. Also when moving I hate the normal bralette, mainly because none never cover up my boobs fully so I found like an almost shirt/crop top looking item on Nordstom and I definitely would love to try it out.
Can we take a moment and adore this Lilly Putlizer set on the side. It's absolutely adorable. Now I'm usually not into crop tops but this is worth it. The colors are fun, it's super flowy with little pom-pom details. I love it and I'll really want to try it out.
Also as much as I lowkey love Kendall + Kylie's new swimwear, Dillard's, Belk, H&M, and Target have amazing selections of swim items. I personally love halterneck items, they are just life. 
Happy summer 16!
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