Quirky Chronicles: Happiness Link-up

Friday, September 02, 2016

So today I am hosting something new. It’s literally just going to be a series of collaborations with other bloggers titled. The Quirky Chronicles, and this week’s edition is Happiness. It’s an link-up and at the end of this post you can find other bloggers posts on happiness and read their articles or posts and share them with others.

I chose the topic happiness because I just think it’s how the world moves. I love seeing others smile and I love smiling. I hate when someone brings me down and I hate being down in the blues. Happiness is just a blissful feeling and I just wanted to spread happy things through the web and blogs and share things with others.

I am going to share with you all things that I live for. I would say smile, but I am always smiling or at least trying to always be smiling, brighten someone’s day up. But anyway below I’ve included somethings I live for:

-          Quite mornings or afternoons in a coffee-shop.
-          Journaling with a cute pen and journal.
-          Seeing the leaves change colors.
-          Babies smiling or laughing.
-          The smell of pumpkins. Actually any scent or thing related to Autumn.
-          Making others smile.
-          Overcoming an obstacle.
-          Annoying hashtags
-          Texting with emojis or Bitmoji.
-          Meeting new people
-          Conversations with a random person about the gospel. There is literally nothing better than just to be sitting down or walking and bump into someone and immeaditley just connect and start talking about faith with each other.
-          Sweet Frog #froyo
- When you have both headphones in and your favorite part comes on.
- Random compliments
- Spinach & Kale
- Meeting someone with the same interest. Because others think I'm weird so.
- Pastel skies and wallpapers
- People with accents, especially southern ones. 
- Seeing people performing ballet
- Cuddling with a lit candle
- iced lattes, PSLs, and cream sodas
- quiet walks or moments on beach or in mountains 
- Being reunited with someone you haven't seen in awhile
- HUGS.  #hugger

What are some moments or things you live for? Be sure to check out posts below!
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