Be the Risk-Taker

I have always been the girl to stay within her comfort zone, and when out of my comfort zone, I'd panic. I was the never the type down to do new things or take risks, but over the past year and a half something has changed hugely. Now I'm not talking about crazy dumb risks, but risks that grant me a fuller life. 

Here's the thing about risks, God likes risks because it involves faith, and faith is of Him. In the end they usually leave you full of joy and a pure bliss. It's about putting your trust into Him and his word. To venture into the unknown with faith, and find his plan/purpose for us. It's about being on edge for Him at all times. If we can take the risk of simply getting out of bed or getting into a car, why can't we venture and risk living for God? 

Ask yourself this: 
What are you risking your life for? Are you simply letting life just happen to you or do you listen to that voice that says GO?

You see taking a risk is simply to spread His word, and trust me that can be real risky business. Some people back down, but I think it's better to be bold and stand firm. To not run away, to take that risk and hold onto my faith. These risks can be as simple as sparking a conversation, inviting someone to coffee, simply ministering to others. There's a possibility you might get turned down, or been gone against, maybe someone might try and tear you down. You might lose relationships with others, popularity, being liked. Luke 9:25 states, "For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself,". 

Would you rather feed into others approval and loses yourself, or live to the fullest and glorify God at the same time? 

Listen to and for his voice. Be on edge and ready at all times to take a leap of faith. 

Isaiah 30:21, "And your ears will hear a voice behind you, 'This is the way, walk in it,' whenever you turn left or right".

Live on edge, minister to others, spread the word. Find a crowd or a group of people to live on edge with. Be that risk taker at all times. You smile more and live to the absolute fullest. Be bold. Don't second guess, when you hear that voice, simply GO. Be a missionary on your campus or wherever you may be. Whatever it is just simply GO. Put all your faith in Him and take that risk, and live. 

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