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Friday, December 16, 2016

Today I'm interviewing Amy from I Believe in Pink. Her blog is super bright, inspiring, and I adore her style. So I thought I'd set up an interview and share some insight on one of my favorite bloggers with you. 

  • How would you describe yourself and personality?
Colorful, positive, and enthusiastic! I'm also very organized and detail-oriented, which I think you have to be if you run a blog. 
  • When did you start blogging and why?
The beginning of my freshman year of college. I was taking a lot of the numbers-based prerequisite courses for Richmond's business school, like calculus, and decided that I needed a little more color and creative in my life:) It started as a hobby but quickly turned into a business, and I ended up designing my major around the skills I use in blogging. 
  • How do you maintain a successful blog?
By being disciplined and multi-tasking. You have to LOVE blogging to be a full-time, involved student while being the creative director and editor for your own blog. Thankfully, I'm addicted to doing it so I just fill all of my spare time with blogging. I've been known to blog in crazy places (like on the beach!) in order to get a post up. 
  • What blog do you highly recommend for others?
Ah, I have so many favorites! Lonestar SouthernChronicles of Frivolity, and Gal Meets Glam to name a few :) 

  • What is your inspiration in life?
This is such a hard question! haha. I would say that I'm inspired by my mom/sister, my girlfriends, magazines, pop culture, travel, Pinterest... I pretty much pull inspiration all the time from whatever I'm exposed to. 
  • What's your aspiration in life?
Another hard one! I'd love to work in digital media/PR for a fashion company, maintain and expand I Believe in Pink (I see myself shifting into more decor and lifestyle posts as I get older), and prioritize my family and friends above all :) 
  • What would you consider your style?
Colorful, classic, and feminine. 
  • What can you not leave the house without?
Eyedrops (that's super practical and unglamorous of me, I know, but I have horrible vision and wear really strong contacts so my eyes get bothered when I stare at my computer for hours on end, haha!) 
  • What’s one thing you want to do before you leave this world and be remembered for?
My aim is to bring positive energy to everything I do and make people feel appreciated and loved :) 
That everyone is Amy! Be sure to check out her blog!
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