You Don't Have to Hide

We often make mistakes. We often do things we are ashamed of or things we are not willing to tell others, whether they are big or small. And sometimes we tend to hide behind them or let it affect our actions. We also feel that sometimes He will not overlook it nor forgive us for it... wrong.

God's desire is not to shun us but to HEAL us. 

We sometimes put up these walls of fear and shame and try to hide from others and God. But hey be willing to let down your walls, let go of fear and shame. Allow Him to come in and heal you, for He cannot cleanse you if you deny your are dirty.

Don't hide behind your mistakes or live in shame. It affects your walk with Christ and the way you reflect Him. GOD FORGIVES. ~ Son, your sins are FORGIVEN. Mark 2:5 ~

Shame drives us to feel not good enough or unworthy. YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE WORTHY. Why? Because you are the child of the most high. He gave his son for you, there's nothing we or anyone can do to separate us from His love. There's no need to hide from failures or try to prove something to Him. God understands we are not perfect. We fail but we learn and we are stronger through Him. 

We all have regrets, weaknesses, etc. But fall on your knees and cast your burdens onto Him. He IS for you. ~ For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, "Fear not I am the one who helps you."  Isaiah 4:13 ~ Be set free my dear friend. Jesus loves you, God loves you no matter your mistakes. Remember Jesus sought out those shunned by society; tax collectors, prostitutes, etc. So why would he see you any different or turn His back? 

His love is abundant and He is merciful, remember that.

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