Summer Bucketlist + Life Update

Saturday, June 24, 2017

I have completely ghosted since the start of the year. But I am determined to become consistent in my content again. So with that being said I have created a summer bucketlist that I plan on fulfilling along with the help of friends.

Surprisingly working out everyday has been going well for the past two weeks. I'll be sure to include my daily stretching + cardio/endurance combo soon, but I want to be overall fit in general and I always make this a goal but never take initiative. I've come up with a "morning routine" that helps me fit the bible readings in as well as working out so I'll be sure to share that soon.

Life update. Some of the biggest things that's happened between January and now is:

- I passed all my finals, so I am going to be a upperclassmen finally.
- In April I went to prom with friends and preformed in our school's dance department performances. 
- I gathered the courage and motivation to start back blogging :). 
Also if you have any good book or movie suggestions please please share them. 

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