10 Habits to Master

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Summer is here but that doesn't mean we stop being productive and lose routines. To feel less cluttered and overwhelmed I found some habits that help me. These habits not only make you feel better as a person but help in school, work, and other activities. 
Journal: Journaling helps release your thoughts and track your dreams and anything else. My bullet journal is my go-to everyday and I highly recommend. (Marble Notebook... I love it)

+ Have a morning & night routine: Having a set routine for the morning and night helps so much. It reminds you to do things daily such as take vitamins, check emails, etc. It also helps you prepare for the day and have a peaceful sleep.  You can digitally do these and turn into lock screen, print it, or simply write them down. Favorite morning and night products linked below.

+ Using/checking your planner: Planning things out, having to-do list help tackle the day and week. My planner is basically my best friend. It help keeps track of deadlines, events, work, trips, etc. I reccomend the Happy Planner

+ Drinking more water: super cliche and self explanatory but trust me its worth it.

+ Vision/dream board: Using magazines or pinterest pin and paste your dreams and aspirations then hang it on your wall. It helps with motivation and getting things done.

+ Daily meditation/quiet time: Doing this daily helps calm your mind and body and basically prepare you for anything. Taking a moment to catch your breath, catch up with the Lord, etc. 10/10 recommend.

+ Stretch: Do this in the morning and before bed. Being a dancer I try and stretch everyday. Focusing on different stretches to help with problem areas or stress. Back stretches before bed help a lot too.

+ Gratitude: Having a daily gratitude journal or jotting it down just really helps with having a positive outtake on your day as well as your life. 

+ Exercise: I'm not saying be a total gym rat or anything but a run here or there helps a lot. Plus no one wants to be a couch potato so a workout routine wouldn't hurt to throw in. 

+ Set goals: Both long term and short term. Use journals and planner to help keep track. 

Hope these habits help as much as they've helped me
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