Carolina Point Recap

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

A few weeks ago I went to camp at Carolina Point which is a Young Life camp. As many of you may know I attend camps but I never went for summer. This week I met so many people who changed my life and helped me change my perspective of things and helped me grow closer to Jesus. If you have a Young Life organization in your area I highly recommend attending a camp. Here is my personal experience at camp.

If you follow me on Instagram I shared a snippet of my experience. I arrived at camp not knowing what to expect. I had no idea that I had to do things I never had the guts to do. Such as Zipline through the mountains. We were on no set schedule and when the bell rung you just went. The person who lead our sermons and talks was Coco who is actually a leader in my area. She said how Young Life likes to push us to the edge a little. Increase a little faith in you. Those words helped me through a lot of activities.

First day we arrived not long after lunch and we had countless free time on our hands until dinner. I spent that time walking around with friends and exploring the campsite (which is absolutely breathtaking).

Now I can't remember what happened everyday and how the schedule went so I'll just give what I know. Starting with the activities. The first night we were sent through an obstacle course through the woods and it definitely went against everything I'm down for. I hate mud and being in the actual woods with a passion and the fact that it was dark was worst, oh and I had to run through a lake. But it ended up being the highlight of my week honestly. Mostly because I always turn my nose up at getting all nasty and muddy and dirty. But the course made our cabin (EAGLE NEST) bond and trust each other and ended up giving great friendships. 

I faced a lot of fears this weekend like paddle boarding and zip lining. I have a dying fear of heights. I refuse to get on a plane and at the fair or amusement park it takes my friends 20+ minutes to convince me to ride a ride, so when they hooked me onto the harness and I was clam I questioned whether I was sick or not. Then when they said go and I calmly jumped off the ledge, I again questioned my well-being. The scenery was beautiful though. It was like all my fear was removed and it was the best feeling in the world. 

Paddle boarding wasn't so good the first round. I couldn't relax my muscles or stop shaking. You see I had a super scary pool experience around 7 and my family isn't too friendly in the water... therefore I trust NO ONE in the water and panic if I go under. So when I made it safely to land I never felt so relieved. Afterwards I kept saying I can't believe I just did that, but I still don't trust anyone on water. So I overcame my fear of heights but water yeah not so much. 

Here are my favorite  highlights of the trip. 

This was the second time around. I pretty much trust Lauren with my life after this.

Hoedown was literally the funniest thing ever and I know I say that about everything but seriously. Everyone in western clothes that's fun by itself just saying.

My favorite thing that happened on this trip was renewing my relationship with Jesus and doing it right. As I stated and as you've probably read before, it seemed I had a pretty great relationship with Jesus. Our speaker for the week Coco talked about things below the surface and how they affect our relationship with God or how we try to fill this God shaped void with other things. On the outside I was a somewhat good christian but below the surface I was struggling. After having a conversation with one of the summer staff and my leader, I realized things I never thought actually affected my relationship with God. Things I would be like oh this is normal and stuff but it was really blocking me from experiencing a full relationship with Jesus. So on July 21 over Cheerwine Floats, I gave those things up, confessed my sins,  and put my stake in the ground so I could experience a fulfilling relationship with Jesus. Freedom and joy. By far the greatest feeling ever. 

Carolina Point definitely has a special place in my heart. So many great memories made. My perspective of life in general changed. New friendships, stronger friendships. Cheerwine slushies ( the absolute best thing on the planet don't argue with me). No social media, no drama. Just Jesus, mountains and friends... and ruthless bugs, but again I recommend Young Life to anyone. Literally one of the best experiences you'll have. 

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